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I was trying to sleep, but is funny how some times a simple silly (almost funny) thing can’t let you close your eyes. I use to call it worry, but I wasn’t worry. I was able to learn some stuff I been looking for, just because I sort of follow the tension. So…It’s SMART to paid attention to the tension? YES!!!!

Doesn’t matter what’s that thing I was looking and have found, the matter is that when we obey our instinct (like a mosquito would try to kill you, drink from you), if is not something that torn your dreams apart….then it’s a good call.

“Paid attention to the tension and follow the good advice of who knows better than you, even at mid night”. When you feed your self with the greatest advisor of all, Divine Wisdom, it paid back, it’s so profitable. Never lose hope, never, never, never. Feed with the good stuff and get a gracious burp!!!!

I was use to spiritual burps, like me being  way to re-created, but now days I just take my share…..great food goes to great life!!!!!!!


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