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This question. Somebody ask me that like ten years ago, I got so insecure that in that next season I began to ask people about how they see me….did you see me ok? It was a crazy kind of question, and I forgotten to ask the most important person in the list…

Now I can said that I’m ok. No bcoz I have lots a money (no that I’m not handeling a  budget), but I got to discover more of me in this questionable season. At least I’ve learn to said “no” to millions things that often tent to manage my feelings. Like food, like expensive inofensive bunch of cloths that were never use, like jewerly, like shoes, like tons of gifts to people that have no need. So, now with a smart budget in hand I can know my boundaries and I am learning to said no, learning to figth for my goals, learning to figth for my goals to be meet without having a boring life. At All!!!!

When all we have is people that complain around, is easy to follow into it and follow the “gossip”, but when you learn to no negotiate your budget, dreams, given visiones, and hopes, then all become familiar and now you can run the race for the “Big Price”. Anything you find out to be possible, when you follow the great advisor of all times….divine wisdom, then everything (including pathetic weapons) fall into place. At some point it makes you stronger, humble, smart on knowing your boundaries and enemies, learn how to win the hearts… win their minds.

Nothing is easy….yes, yes, yes. But with that kind of mind you never are going to raise UP. You got to stand up and start to think like the Creator, no shame, no looser faces, no pain, no guilt. Just clean your closet with a face in His face and you are in your way.

I do not like spiritual in the meaning of fake. I like to think instead in a greater Heart out there that is chasing me down either way….when I fail or when I overcome. The call???? To Overcome. Alone???? that would never be possible. He knows all around, He build it!!!!!!

So just Pray, Talk, Ask, Request…..whatever you want to call it, do something! TODAY is the day of redemption. I can’t wait for tomorrow to bring me unexpected people, ideas, opportunities, but I would not do it alone. If I really want to enjoy myself, I better think of a partner. He is the deal. Remember?………….HE Build the whole thing!!!!!!!!! Just speak out! speak out!


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