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Deciding for Life while in the Blurs

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Is not like a fleaping a coin and decide. No. TODAY you must choose LIFE.

Some time ago I was in a deep confusion, I awake one day and I was the Queen of the world. Next day I was conscious for the first time of how far I was from what is really really really Real. What you see now, your troubles, your confusions, your whatever you are facing, that must hurt as real as it makes you get “really mad and angry”, but there is more grace forever, more than what we see.

To learn anything you must said “no!” to a couples of mistakes, but before you know it, if you hold the hand of a great advisor, all is less complicated. Ummmm what a life to live if you just know who drives the boat for real.

You and I are some passengers who drive the whole thing with our way of thinking, no mistakes. But then, why to waste time wanting to “sleep”, why not wake up to life and paint something ourselves (from the mind who creates all). If I’m gonna sign for life I must call on the one who knows what’s next…is the only one, the only honest, the only caring that doesn’t need to take advantage of my gifts, but He gave me those talents to believe in possibilities that aren’t jet seen. This whole idea you can call it faith if you want, you can call it trading in wich you give your time and ears to hear, and you get the deal, you can call it peace, you can call it anything. Just if you are Brave and Believe……you are in your way.

Life is a precious gift, EMBRACE it. There are people out there that would love to help, meet them. Pray for advice and where to start, where to find them. If you been hurt before, I also was…terrible terrible time, but I decide to LIFE. The one that was calling me to leave it all, that wasn’t my friend or my maker friend. So now I listen from my heart to resonate what I REALLY want in life. I do not lie anymore to myself with those silly dreams on faking hostage of charity. No. If I want to help, is me who has to be ok, then I can do it as someone who wants to do it honestly, I’m not a hero. I’m a Winner. For heroes……we have plenty already. If I want to be one, then is the same. I just WAKE UP and run the race with attitude in hand and allow myself to try to love, little by little. We can’t have the turkey without the sauce, first make a strategy, use an advisor, someone honest, caring, loving, may be is not in home……who cares! Someone that has that heart that you know wants the best for you. When you are bold enough to pray…that would bring the right person there, who ever is….surpraise!!!!!!! “God is a rewarder of those who seek Him” That’s not religion………that’s been a smart fellow who knows where to start. Remember that He builds it!!!!!!!

So, no more silly faces out there, just stand with enough water in your cup to walk step by step. If your enemies want to tear you down…..use your imagination….see them seated in the bathroom (hehehehehe) Humans aren’t our enemies, even if they are use to it, there are just humans. What’s inside of them is the problem, but you can’t mess up with anybody all the time. Just pretend you are a choose one of the Creator, pretend you are born to fight for your passion, pretend you are out there to find redemption, pretend you are opening a door for biggest opportunities and calls, pretend and stand. Then Be it!!!!!!!! Be it!!!!



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  1. You seem to be exhorting yourself almost as much as your readers. I do this at times, too. But I usually revise it to make it appear more forceful. But I wonder if that’s a mistake…


    March 4, 2010 at 8:08 pm

    • Hi there “The Other Gardener”!!! Fisrt of all I am sorry for the delay, may be you didn’t expect an anwer, but I want to also share one. I follow your advise, we are to be careful about subjects or matters we face in a daily basis, we either want for people to get bored. Ok. I visit your page, I read some post, and let me tell you….there is brave people out there, I like the way all is been said, very honest, I see. Personally I do belive in some of that as well and have some quest as well. In some ways I think that without questions this world can not move. And the fun part is that the answers are like treasures not easy to find, otherway I would be in Dublin taking vacations. I heard you take trips often? I love to go in trips. If you are having fun, I’m grateful. You keep writing anything amazing!!!!! Thanks for the feedback. See ya around!


      March 7, 2010 at 5:42 pm

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