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A sin or a silly Temptation?

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This thought just came to my head. I do not like to pursue a poll, or exhort my friends or enemies, if I have one I’m sure he is running his own business. My questions goes to the point in which I went……”If I can just stop those wrong numbers”. Well, then the roller went off and I was free. I’ve just believe.

Personally, I’m not consider my self to be a religious girl, just a girl with so little time to go here to there and then to refresh and dream happily ever after. So I’m not in the routine of doing or even over-doing what I believe is enough. For me praying can happen 5 times a days, once at night every night, or an intimate moment at Fridays. To me is more of when I know I need to do it. I go for the 5 times a day crying out the name of God (I call him Abba….He likes it, and I’m smart). So when I felt like submitting to something that I do not agree at first sigth…..just go to my advocate and the battle is over. No more headaches. Secure now.

Problems are always there, as far as we are Beautiful creations of God, and everyone is, then is like there is always something to remind us of our vulnerability. That’s why driving your life alone isn’t such a perfect idea. Jet…you are the one with the power to decide for an advisor, that’s freedom to me. What else can be better? Right?

Having those invitations in my head, whether at Business deals, Family messes, Friends jokes, and on….that’s not my problem anymore. I just adjust my feeling in line, stop and think: “It’s this what my advocate would do? It’s this to honor Him? It’s this in my budget? It’s this what He promise me? Who’s there? GET OUT!!!!

So….that’s my crazy life. If you aren’t having fun jet, You need to arrive at reality. Looking from that perspective, it’s where real life begins. To not submit  to something that is not in your heart, or doesn’t goes with honoring who creates you. That is a battle, if you know who’s your Boss….then is less complicated. At the end you would have grown and learn something because of to “Keep running” (I do not meant procastination, I meant running your life, whether is learning, resting at night, talking to someone smarter that we are, having fun with real pals, praying, singing, anything worthy of your love and your beauty). You are Beutiful, I am. WE are. Yes!!!!!!!

Your thoughts aren’t the problem…..what you do with those are the matter. If brings love or rage? Learn and run. Run!!!!!!! Life was created almost 6 thousand years ago Beautiful and in our hands. You can do it!!!! TODAY! 


3 Responses

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