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Behavior or Regeneration?

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 Stop right there! You can not do this to me! Please!  

That right there is the way I use to talk to my circumstances. All I ever wanted is for people to behave in a way that would be neat, appropriate, just, like a pay back to the great way I have behave my self. I have learned: “All you sowed, is what you would reap”. Never occur to me that I will reap just as much as I deserve, but not in the way I expect it, or in the time I expect it, or in the way I want “that” to be. And some times someone would had sown something “not fear” and that person would reap something “greater” that what I want, or need, or deserve (my way). What’s all this mess!!!! That’s not fear!!!! Not fear.   

Well, today I was thinking about my own situation with a love one. This person is dear to me, one of my Sis. She and I are so different, is like black and white. I love to talk, She doesn’t. I love to laugh a lot, She doesn’t. I love to write and pursue organization, She doesn’t so much. I love to pursue solutions, She just go with the wind, and had taught me lots of lessons. So, to me is like trying so hard with no so much to earn (I always tried to win her heart using my own way on doing things). Today, I just notice that is not about her behavior as the place to start. And the place to start …”It’s her own Business”. Has always been. Life is full of surprises. 

I talked already about my view on one’s own responsibility to develop for something greater. That anyone in a certain momento in life is given the keys to their own life to make choices, and that, I believe would never-never change. So, if a person do not want to improve (or  change), that’s no the problem. When someone’s else responsibilities fail to met some standard, then I was use to judge (even in my own world), or even talk about how to help this or that person. It’s a concern? yes! But everything goes right straight to the point in which I should learn boundaries. Everyone is responsable for their own Load. That’s not letting a blind world go down to the pit. I believe that’s: Carry your own Load…Love them honestly….and let them carry theirs, so then let the One who knows all do His part.  After all, if you are to be use to improve someone’s path…..even if you like it or not (as far as you are a slave to righteousness), all is going to work as designed. Even the difficult valleys are going to make sence. But, is always in the knowledge of following a true Advisor, Comforter, Friend, the only way to save the day. Without a Partnership, our ship part has nowhere to go. 

I believe is us (the ones who go for something else), we always want for other people to rejoice this another greater view. But, the risk is that I have to help, without pushing, I have to help while helping my own. At the end, people’s own Regeneration even when is gonna come from the same source (no other way) it would carry its own method…and it’s own time.  

I would not let a love one to do something stupid just because is “their” life, but I wouldn’t either interfere in what is “its own” path to regeneration. We all needed one. And it’s at its own time. God’s time.  

To not judge something is difficult, for humans in general. We’re all in the search for perfection, but Righteousness is free without charge. When I tried to pursue my Sis when thinking in perfection, and not in Her own process of growing….then is Legalism, not love. That’s not the plan. Remember? without charge. 

I Pray that I can see with bigger eyes. That my eyes can be unveiled even more, to be able to love as every person deserves to be loved. Every person matters. Every person deserves to learn and feel and understand what love is.  

I Believe so. Take it to the Bank!!!!!  

Today is not easy, but….Thanks Goodness we’re nor alone. We have enemies, but we also have the One True Advisor. That’s called Real Life. Dare you to live it!!! 


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  1. Well… that’s very interessting but honestly i have a hard time determining it… I’m wondering what others have to say….


    March 10, 2010 at 12:05 am

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