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A Smart Gal Agenda?

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Has been months since I started looking out to find a better  way on keeping with my life issues. If you’re like me, you just need to have everything under control. If you aren’t like me , then, we just need to agree on the fact that discipline is good when it takes just the enough amount of time to perform.   

My project was to realize all that needs to be done during the year. My mistake was to hold into that long list “of mine” more than enough.  I now have learn that 1 week (or so) during the year is more than enough to put everything under the radar, then to relax.  Before I ever learned this “week resolution” I had one huge brainstorm.  

OK, I went  from Food recipes to Budget plans.  I’m single, then, why to worry, right? How can I?  Watch these…..

list of recipes based on Family stories & traditions………..ready!

goals to meet on all areas, intentions…………..ready!

issues to solve including list of long-term payments……………ready!

long term goals in the labor field (even the surreal?)…………ready!

books to read, movies to check, stuff to buy (&development)……….ready!

list of Events, Appointments, Commitments, Daily deeds, Birthdays to go………done? that…was just the beginning. 

Later I went with: Contacts list,  email list, things to repair around the house, things to buy for the day, for my own, etc. Huge amount of control I want to hold with just one life to live. Thanks for the honesty. I just got reminded. No matter how much preparation if there is no time to LIVE IT! 

 Now it got down to this:
1-Journal (Goals stablished and the process.)
2-Yearly Calendar (& Contacts info)
3-Recipes Book (Every Lady needs one!)

So there you have the facts, just that. Otherwise would be like rehearsing too much info to handle. I hold my Peace now! I believe it came down to a right number. What do you think?

Are you writing jet? 



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  1. Thanks the author for article. The main thing do not forget about users, and continue in the same spirit.


    March 21, 2010 at 8:34 am

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