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Alabastar Jars, the answer to my ponders

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This is the bell ringer…Fearfully made! God fashion my inner person. I’m one of a kind Masterpiece wonderfully made.

I still do not like my ears, my eyes, my legs, and may be a couple of inches more wouldn’t hurt anybody, but for the record I was today remembered that I’m unique with a certain degree of intellect like “NO One” on earth. That’s call Fearfully made.

I’m The Masterpiece of God. Yes I am! So are You!

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  1. Very true. Each one of us is a masterpiece of God. There may be a lot people in the world, even billions of them, but God only has one of each of us. I used to hate my legs too, because they’re a little bit too short, but then I thought of those little children who were born with no legs at all! I should even be grateful that God gave me legs no matter how short they are. At least, God gave me a complete set of body parts. As a preacher once said, we should focus on what we have, not on what we don’t have. I have a complete set of body parts, so I should appreciate and use them to serve God and my fellowmen. 🙂

    The Silent Spectator

    May 31, 2010 at 10:40 am

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