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The Keybord is courting my fingertips again.

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I believe with all my guts that the fact that I can (so many times) be accurate in my opinions does not make me a writer indeed. Then, why to write?

I had an experience that reached the full potential of my Family faith “tank”. Since then I had made a resolution. It was well proved that my believes (all of them) would never be shaken. Relatives can be so secure into going thru their direction (whether totally wrong or not).  I  was also tremendously challenged to stand strong for what was being brough into my life. Their support was and is great, even if our believes are not the same anymore. Are you getting the picture?

I think most people write because they like to exhort others, to teach something, to share an experience and make others laugh, to look like really awesome people, to show an amazing new discovery, to portrait the “true” life style, to express freedom, to look out of the cage, to pursue talent. I believe talent is born in the mist of the field, when you are straightening your muscles. Also somebody can write (this is me) because they have something to said and are looking to be relevant, or approved (to be part of a global system w/o colors, religions, skins, race, age, gender, believes, whatever). May be someone does not have somebody to talk about “the” thing, or just “The person” to talk about “that”.

I grew very used to receive people’s approval. Any time I did something singular, my peers run to tell somebody. Yes, I felt in season like Cristobal Colon (Americaaaaaaaaaaa). Truth is that when you grow (your soul get develop), then you look at life and realize that the Fairy Tale is over. Get a life, a Job, a Network, a list of responsibilities or plans, and to put the cherry on the top, I have also to find God. Not that He was lost, but I always refuse to look like a monkey. And yes…..I like to eat bananas, they are a strong  source of potassium.

Today? I am writing because I been thinking about this hunger coming out of my lips into the dimension of writing. In times I go…..”I should write these? or not?”. After all, Mr Literature Nobel Prize is not on the other side with a board & pen on hand looking at my grammar. If so….who cares? I don’t. All I want is to express. In times is that I want to be myself before an infinite dimension of unbelievable possibilities (not faking to make it) just like using all my potential into telling all I can for the day. Please never said things like: It’s all you got? Your brain never grew completely? Yikes! I should be painting instead. Of course I have the key to these cage, and I call it my certain Network. The truth would make us free? You bet!!! How many times you want to put your truth in paper or in this romantic endeavor between fingertips and keyboard? Is not this a true you want so desperately draw with your own colors, images, guts, passion? That’s naked truth.

So, why you do it? why do you write? Did you know? then,  please tell.

 note: this is my favorite Rock Star Pedro Suarez Vertiz, Peruvian and so down to Earth. Here with Juan Diego Flores. Real people, real talent, real world. The song’s name is “Nadia“. Filmed in New York.


Listen to Pedro’s song “Nadia” here. It’s good!


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