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Can you see at Love and still yet blind?

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The Conversation started like: “You see, there is one thing called love, and is not in the people that surround you.” To what I just stood speechless and confused. So then this person went and said: “They don’t love you”. Well, I really have this skeptical mood some times, like after I heard those words I push my self into remember that I “must” be a prudent writer when sharing this experience. To edit a word is not that bad! Off course I did not believe what this person told me, and as a Christian I know also that everybody just need a little bit to start, just that would be enough. No perfection requiered.

I have read some literature, blogs, sermons, thru my entire life, but I just can not get enough of it. So I went back to the in a 2 minutes passage that got my eye for hours….and hours. You can give it a try if your curiosity strikes your hunger for the truth (1 cor 13:4-8). What’s the point? Ok. It’s true that just mature love can help us to stand strong in this wonderful, and some times messy life. Without mature love we can easily be eaten by lots of under estimated “who invite you to my party” kind of tensions. Those nights when we awake thinking what a mess all has been. But, even if perfection WOULD get me further at some point, everybody starts with “a little”. So I can not underestimate the little love we all “for sure” start with, we start with a little strength, then it grows. So yes! some peers, friends, anybody will let you down, but that doesn’t require for me to live in isolation, or fake my dreams, or care less for people. All of us are still on the learning. Love is Love….you start with just a little, you learn to LOVE better and get over the freaky “my own wisdom”….to pursue genuine love, because love grows. We all know that it comes from God, then what to fear? He is and always be beyond the beauty that can be imagined. Way above our heads. Yes it takes courage, but also refresh the soul. Always. Is worth even without shortcuts.

When mature love comes we all will see with such a clarity that we can easily forgive with such a strong and divine power that no hurt will over rule us. When perfect love comes to our heart brain cells we all can be satisfy no matter what the outcome be. When we have then a little, let it Grow. Put water, patience, trust, but also walk in faith of it. When perfect love comes…all the rest would fade. Love is a winner, and never fails. Never, never. never.

…let us sow some now. Let Love fill the House!!!!


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  1. Great points! I will be checking back here often!


    May 9, 2010 at 1:58 am

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