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Pierce the Darkness with Truth…no more secrets

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All came down to believe the word of the Lord. To make the word of God as my spring well. For eternity, on every condition be are at. To be the City on the Hill. To express His victory, to serve people by releasing that grace He have gave us. It takes just one Victory…and He already earn it. Have courage and read thru.

I’m not into science. I’m not into flirting with it either. I’ m a lover of truth, whether it’s not yours yet, I like to pursue your kindness and attention for the sake of saving you some healthy birthdays to come. Nothing scape your heart of being Love. For real, Real Love. Hope you are in for it. Awaken?

So 4 and a half years ago I started to going down and up the path. Finally I was convicted of how much undone I was. Just then I could start to do the research. The very goal was to not letting my thoughts get dead ends all over again. If I was given a new chance, all I wanted was to make it right this time, even if to conquer the Conqueror I had to let go of all I called “precious” back then. Yes, I went far and….broke….in pourpose. Not just financially, but my heart went emptied from anything else but truth. Later in time I was beginning to discover new words, and expecting the complete unfolding of my future. That is NOW! So, I’m a girl who knows how Love looks like, now nobody can sell me again any “secret”. I have not all knowledge, but I have enough to keep me walking, running, dreaming,  lots of,  that,  keep me content regardless of any outcome. I’m learning to battle with my own sword. You should see it. Inexpensive? Not, if you like fun. Lots of fun.

If you knew from the beginning that you would WIN a battle, you would participate in it? Sure right? So I did.

This is a resume of the garbage I eat for about a month. I would never let anybody I love go thru the pit that these is. So, I can not said that I know you, or know that you need it. But in case you need it I have then a WORD for you……you’re Welcome!

What I eat b4 I was awaken?

that I alone can create my success n.matter how impossible looks.
that I am the one who creates that reality alone with “my mind”.
that I have the power to manifest it by “loving it”.
that I must be grateful also on what “I want” so to extend it.
that I should understand my feelings as a signal for my future.
that I must constantly “visualize all wishes” to manifest them.
that “I can create” happiness within me in my pwr alone.

And what I was really SATISFY with?

God’s general plan for the world thru freedom.
God’s specific plan for my life thanks to His kind of  faith.
God the Holy Spirit living inside of me.
God’s love for me wich  is unconditional.
God’s decrees wich are establish to Obey them by all of us.
God’s plan in forming my character wich is way above my comfort.
God as the only source of Joy thru His triumph.

Anyone can not deny that looks like black and white. Like the old TV’s and the new HD ones. Right? You look and read at one list, then the other, it looks like written from different planets. Like being both in english…seems like the opposite sites of the magnet. But if you kept the faith on the later, it would save for you for more than you can ever imagine. How far can go the wishes that you have for yourself when someone who creates you long time ago…have more in mind. The Good News is that to put the cherry on the top, all that is regardless of my doubts. Thank God for His ideas! Take some courage though….worthy of Him.

So you see, this is really extravagant. The Savior went thru all the war inside and out just to get me for Him. Like one of my friends said….to get me ON His Team. Obviously He does not has collections of trophies, with His I think is enough. But extravagant love like this is all we need it to get out of the dark pits chasing us out of our freedom and happiness, very often. More than happiness I would rather mention righteousness, but who does not want a taste of it. Do you? Right? He always talk like: DAILY OBEDIENCE. GOD GOES BEFORE ME. I DO WHAT I SEE MY FATHER DOING. I said, Why not?

I exhort you? I believe you may think so, but I’m just a partaker, just like you. For if you need a reload. If so? Think about Jesus, who knows? May be is you out there in need today. Just a word….Drink! It’s free!


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