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The Culture of Love

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Some 13 years ago some brave guy that worked in the same Company as I was come to one of my superiors and convinces her to handle me his message. She came…”Hey Mimi (that was my cute name), there is someone asking for you”. To that outstanding statement I just responded: No way! Is he again? Ugh! Well, tell him that I just went to my house already or that I suddenly died. The Superior, who was also my friend, insisted so I finally agree in going on a date. Well, technically I did. I just had so many papers to sign that afternoon, and got out like 5.30 pm. Just 2 and half hours late. Do not call me cruel. Was I honest when thinking in been just friends? Yes. But I should also speak to him the truth. How to tell him? I wasn’t shy, just avoided Real Life Issues. Every time my grandma told me to clean my room, to put the garbage out, to get to the marketplace, those were cool responsibilities. It took me like 5 minutes to convince myself, got up, and do it. Telling a guy “no” for the 3rd or so time…not so easy, no 5 minutes, and no words like it. Right?

What happen with the guy? As I got down stairs I was having this storm. What I’m going to said! I am sorry? No. (Do not call me cruel again). I must tell him the truth, but seems like he does not want to hear it. He looks at me straight with anger (as if I should be walking near a pond in the innermost town on earth…and I can’t swim). Did enough pride could kill the aroma of trying something new? Yes. I stand, clear my throat, walk toward, he ignore me (honestly it was a relieve), and then, I turn to the other side, walk out, and hit Home. Finally, walking home. I had avoided a DATE (again). I was happy. I was ok.” For real?

Well, I did all I knew best. I didn’t like to go out with someone who’s trying to be something else for me that I’m not looking for. It was Cinderella in the wrong city? Or is just that I did not learn enough of how to grow. I heard those words this past week. To grow could have been painless.

That cost me a while. I was the kind of person who was nice to everyone, but has no more than 5 people in her phone list. Every time somebody did something weird, then I did not value our differences, either to avoid the relationship in a healthy way or to embrace our differences without losing the opportunity of having a new friend. In time I’ve learned about how to be accountable to some people around, not just for the sake of “feedback” (so somebody knows I’m ALIVE), but to build LIFE when possible. TO VALUE DIVERSITY is vital to re-build this planet, and embracing rejection is an exercise all of us must be very well-trained at. Can everybody be a friend then?

No. There are, for sure, intimate conversations that one have to reserve with God, since we can not give such responsibility to other that don’t hold the enough power to help us. But when walking out of the prayer closet…who’s there? This world can not be a bunch of people running around “alone” like “Me and God”. We need people with us also. But, is impossible to be accountable to all people, we can not do that. Our friends then must be carefully chosen. We would then have learned how to be better friends as well. (A guy in a conference room tells people: There is no such a thing as ABSOLUTES. He didn’t even finish the point when someone stand and start talking about “whatever else”. The first guy then said: Hey you Sir! That’s wrong to interrupt my statement! To these, a third guy stands and tells Him: ARE YOU ABSOLUTELY SURE?).

Is having friends like an Absolute? I believe they are one. Friends are a must! Forgiveness is like an ingredient in every friendship. Forgiveness, I believe should be another subject in the “absolutes” list. Whenever we are hurt, then also Love can heal us. Love is everything. Everything.

Yes, to the world system, courage is like a bad detergent that gets the clothes clean, but takes a little pain to the fabric. To God is not like it. God is sweet and patient, God would take care of your Heart, He would always restore our hearts, never ruin it. If we let Him do so, He would get us were our deepest desires can not, His are better, established and unbreakable. We are designed to enjoy healthy relationships, we are Designed TO LOVE. TO LOVE. TO LOVE. TO HAVE FUN IN THE PROCESS…..That’s the Goal!

Today…I am stretching my arms, throwing my jammies into the washing machine and after brushing my hair, may be a healthy breakfast, a huge glass of water, a declaration of what I’m agreeing to become (also with my heart’s brain), signing for success. A new beginning. In His hands, but with my Agreement. God is also in my friend list. Right? (extra points here).

Just remember that there is something beyond Obedience…Intimacy. And Love lives there, everyday, 24/7. Closer as the wind. Love is Alive!!!

Our Vacations in Cuzco-Peru (11 years ago). I took that pic, and believe it had some talent behind the glass. What do you think? And the child did awesome in that Sunday Parade, what an attitude! For if you want to visit here some day. We are waiting!!! “)


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