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Sound: An Incredible Force.

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I always wanted to study music and even took a couple of classes from some co-workers. It was fun! When I heard the sound of those strings marrying my ears and my feet almost flipping around, ummm….sweet sounds.

Guitar. That was my favorite one, I use to like piano but the fact that my apartment was too little put me to think that I was asking too much. I brought a black guitar, my first one, at the age of 24. Later in time I took other classes from two different guys, went too bad that I decide to put the passion in the corner. I came to know these days that when passion dies is little you can do with frozen ideas. If I just knew back then this, if I…I would never gave my guitar away. I give it to a cousin who actually studies music in Buenos Aires. I was afraid to find “out of diet” termites in my closet. Who knows!

In a matter of 3 and a half years I came to discover the power of music. Is amazing the way we humans attach to it. We even paid attention, and all of a sudden we are repeating those lyrics until the walls fell off. Well, that’s a wish I have since all we see around is how music has been use in so many unhealthy ways. Lyrics, Interpretation, Music, Spirit. These and many more ingredients are what make the big tummy fat. No wonder when we are younger we like to torture our soul with those harsh song just to confirm us how miserable we are. Music can give life and even cure, if you chose the right one. Think about it. Study, Observe, and Meditate. You’ll see. When young, we then are in the rush for learning all at once. But, let us now do it right. God isn’t in a hurry anyway!

What’s then the most beautiful sound? I believe it is the voice of God.

He created sound. He created worship. He created worshipers. You and me.

That is the voice that we all should search in our hearts to go every day before us and not just prevent us, equip us, warn us, protect us, but most of all…LOVE US deeply. Yes, I wonder if in the usual bunch of voices and cars and deeds and so on, how we can then hear Him. What’s that sound like? Is just the sound of Love. Simple as that. Later in the day I always have those thoughts that save my day, but for some reason took the “other” advice. Then got frustrated for having taken the old way and not the real advice. We all hear, but with a little effort I guess we learn how to listen from the heart.

SOUND, how marvelous way for God to catch our ears and tell us how much He cares. If we just slow down a little and paid attention, we would be amazed at all we are invited to. To Love again, again, and all over again.

“Amazing Grace, How Sweet the Sound” how Sweet indeed.


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