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The Sound of Agreement.

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What would you do if all you have for a birthday idea is the menu?

Yikes! My Dad’s birthday is coming in 2 weeks and I don’t even have that. Looking forward to glimpses of Joy from my elder Sister who happens to be a great cook, just in case all I can do is stir the sparkles around the house, yes I’m kind of funny. In the kitchen? No. I like order and all I can do when someone else uses my kitchen is become a puppy. My hope is to look then like the tender Aslam…no…I’m more like King Kong, yes, that’s an ape. An ape without twinkles. Seriously.

I have written already about the fact that we aren’t here to fix each other behavior. I understand about tender Mercies and all that melodies. That’s why I like to put ideas of mine about the importance of agreement. Not just in simple matters, but in Supernatural matters like Prayers, like praying in agreement. That’s supernatural.

We can agree on the place to eat, who wash dishes, who read the book to the children, who pick the grocery bags. I have notice though that when comes to embracing rejection, then we tend to be embarrass and fear men. Lest said that you have to pray for a love one, and then you step back and just decree nice “wishes”. Hum. If one can completely understand the power of prayer, the power of agreement in Prayer, let me tell you that if that is discovered for more of us, in the practice we would be amazed with such a power behind the curtain waiting to be released. Then it would be more easy to agree and so many different things. Once we agree to our signature into the Heavens, is nothing to stop us. God’s will is health, prosperity, freedom. We just need to agree with Him and persist. How much you can love some one not to pray for them? Think about it.

At the Sound of our voices. Lest agree with someone. We can change the mess!!!

Prayer is nothing else that a command we gave to what is already there to be target by our agreement with Heaven. Looks like Supernatural? It is. Look like strange? It is Looks like just for the desperate? Aren’t you one? Well, may be someone you know. You then must regard it. It is REAL. So real that I saw my Grandma recovering from Cancer. To her it was fun. To me it was the more fun I EVER had. Prayer works!

Praying for birthday ideas? Me? Well, God is not limited to the urgent as much as the important. From where you think great ideas come? do they come from a master mind? Yes. And I bet that God can cook. I bet you! Lest practice some prayer, some time soon. Today.

At the SOUND of our voices. Try it! It is free. Jesus is not for sell. Is just waiting for us.


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  1. Fantastic Thought:

    How much you can love some one not to pray for them? Think about it.


    June 6, 2010 at 5:41 pm

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