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The Brain Locust

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Sunday, what a beautiful day. A day for redemption? May it be, and why not…that’s fun! No question. Having fun in this life is the only way to discover more. Without fun, life is worthless. Skipping fun is like putting no food in the table.

I just have this blast while going to the restaurant. I was about to cross the street when all of a sudden in the midst of the dark night which was enlighten for some gray jet light balls, there….come to my mind The Brain Locust.

I began to think about what has been my almost tormented way of thinking. Here comes what I call “The Brain Locust”. If you step close enough to some of these ideas, not just hear, but listen to them, and as you “turn on the opposite direction” laugh hard at them, you have catch them. This is The Brain Locust way of talking to ourselves or thinking…which is the same. Listen here:

-God has promise “so and so”, then I have no need to work for it. (wrong)
-I am a Child of God, therefore I am extremely powerful by myself. (wrong)
-If “so and so” go wrong, then it means that I’m not worthy. (wrong)
-God is so busy with important people, then He is not listening to me, so I am all alone, poor me. (wrong)

If you have some of these above, just remember that Jesus did the Job already. You just need to lean on Him. He is smart, funny, very sneaky, and so straight to the mattresses! He is better that the Good Father. Indeed! He can destroy any coming locust just blowing His nose, He does not cough, but I guess He fart. That would help!

For those religious friends reading, well, then He would kill the locust by the fragrance of His sweet breath. He would catch them and throw them to the pit by the fragrance of His presence or the Twinkles of His enlighten countenance. He, Jesus would just embrace your heart and all locusts would flee and be nothing else that pathetic gray smoke. But you need to cry out. Without agreement is nothing He can do. Sad that being so powerful, He can do nothing if we do not give Him that authority. There would always be two trees in the garden. He is the Tree of Life. Calling is FREE. Better that those TV spot. Call Now! Fun and true. I do love Him. No my idol. Better than honey, ‘cause is my pal.

Jesus is so cool! “)

He would do that if you call on Him. Call Jesus! Do not worry, He just eat berries. The fart smell is so good.

Have a GREAT Sunday!!!


2 Responses

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  1. Great idea, but will this work over the long run?


    July 18, 2010 at 8:35 pm

    • Hi there! Nowdays I am learning about the transformation that take place when we get our mind renewed. Is from the book of Romans. Yeah….in times we began to think differently and those headaches became pieces of cake. I’m IN!!!
      ~Great Love to you,
      Mirian Aracely. “)


      July 19, 2010 at 11:14 pm

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