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Intention vs. Direction 

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Intention: Our head sure can take us further, we can do even alter matter. We can even spend some minutes without touching soil. We can bend spoons, we can do lots of stuff like it. Once you are in, it’s hard to get off or to get it out of your head. Intention is powerful, but it does never include a Legitimate Experience.

Direction: When is true that a good heart is what we been regarding for most of our time in this earth, without direction from the above, we are going to hit a wall. Just like in the economy, without an administration responsible enough for cutting inefficient expending, just like it, we also should cut our own wisdom and reach the Supernatural. That is God alone. There are no secrets, any, once you ask God to direct every step, then you will know anything you ask for. No bittersweet entitlements. All is good in God. A confidence expectation is the difference.

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