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I Want To Be Normal!

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The Real Stimulus Package. That’s the whole promise in one easy phrase. But, what it really means? To me I had to leave all my old ways of thinking, then to receive it and to rejoice of the wonders of abundant provision. Or, is just not true and I juts keep running away? Would I?

For me, and I’m not an expert, every person needs a reload in this life. If you are totally poor it would be easy for you to accept one, but if you are rich (or you believe it) then is also a matter of leaving a legitimate legacy. No just a tradition, but a tradition worth to pass on new generations. The tradition to enjoy, to spend, to be humble as to search for even more. After all, Heaven is not captivated by recession but by abundance.

Yet, for everything is a season. Are in the season to growth? Then stick to the search….you would find. We are just animated dirt, how far can we go alone? No far. So in recognizing that we should have no Diplomacy with the devil. Then all begin…asking God to allow my spiritual awareness to increase. His Spirit in us. Real Wisdom.

How much God can love a Nation? God does not love us like a Hallmark Card. The Love of God is furious. He love us with Passion, He lavish us with His kind of Love every day. He does. You do not need to throw away your brain to understand it, we just need faith.

In a Nation with so much diversity we must learn to treat each other fairly. Gaining a new level of confidence must be won by serving each other with Joy, especially in Government. That’s no hard if you really sign to help, and to influence your generation, not just justifying some days off in the Caribbean. Summer is good to enjoy, God is for it. But when everything is in order, you would rise higher. Normal life is to be a person of influence, to fight with peace, to fight for it. We must sign to it. All of us.

But how we empty our luggage to get it fill with such a powerful infusion of Love, Passion, Power, and Faith? Well, the supernatural controls the natural, once you deal with it, all fits. What’s the Supernatural? It’s what needs to be fixed. Something to get straight, some word to express, some dirt to clean, some love to give away, some embrace of what needs to be talk and done. Like cleaning a house, pouring out to God, then He can fill you with His…power. It’s really fun! Is LIFE.

I decrease He increase. That’s the whole point. Those ideas of “Me the Powerful”…”Me the Super Women”…Me the Master Mind”…no no no. You and I are just animated dirt.

If you want a taste of real power which is encircle in love, peace, and hope; to have that legitimate experience, we have to join the armies of God. He in us is real power. And He is for every single day. Lest redeem the time for the coming days are very gray. HE wants. Do you? Do we? God in You is a Team. As One!

I am signing today again!
I Wanna BE normal!


3 Responses

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  1. thanks for all the information….

    nice to visit your blog…

    see you……..

    canon review

    June 8, 2010 at 8:36 am

  2. i like this….the love of God IS furious….great stuff


  3. Yeah! His Love is like that…furious. Anytime, Anywhere. God is so good! He really is. “)


    June 8, 2010 at 6:14 pm

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