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Thinking Different vs. Thinking Differently

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Thinking Different: Is to decide to change the subject of our thinking, we may ignore it and chose another think to think about. When that’s kind of smart, if we do not decree the non sense, this will go back and on and on. It is better to decide what to do with a meaningless thought like it. Private Victories must be run to be won. Right?

Thinking Differently: Is to think in such a way that our head never would get over us. With so much 30, 000 plus thoughts coming daily, it’s better to stop, focus, ask God and do it His way. What the heck is His way? Rest. Every person is a world, but the most common strategy is to repent (which mean to step back and change direction). Is to stop the non sense way to repeating curses on our head and think like the Divine. If you want lemons, you go to get them….you never stand in the toilet paper shelf, right? Then go back, rest, pick your lemons, and squeeze the juice of Wisdom. It is screaming in the streets. Lest get some!

Boldly approach Him. Nothing should hold us back. Nothing

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