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The Fragmented Attention Of A Nation.

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Compelled by Love we all can do something significant every day. All of us in our own culture, religion, sphere, group, or community are right now working very hard to get something significant done. Yet some great people is waiting for a chance, they do not know what their target is yet. They are waiting. The clock is ticking and the Spirit inside of them is burning of desire for bringing some growth. He wants out! They want to do something significant.

So, the Spirit in them is imprison in unbelieving believers. They do not know how far their dreams or visions can take them (if they just yield enough). Most of them do not know; while significant others just don’t believe. Yielding to God takes courage, and courage must be supernatural to get all of us on the right place to begin. The taste of those exited frequencies Under My Skin is what compels me to be more conscious of my Creator, my God. And the fullness of living inside His heart is what has show me that God has not limitations. At all. We are all the same at His sight. He sees at everyone with the same passionate love, the same passionate love He uses to fashion every one of our bones, veins, blood cells.

Too much distraction has fragmented attention. Has fragmented the truth about who God really is, and of all His power. We all humans need a target to hit, anywhere, any position. Truth to be told, if one wants to find what his or her target is, we must be abandon to that Fruitfulness that comes from intimacy with the Divine. What is my target? It is worth enough to talk to God about? It is worth at all? Do I have a vision? Do we? As individuals, Companies, Business, Groups, Families, do we? God has no limitations. The God that I know do not have any.

Some people are doing something while others have not jet found a target. What is taking them so long to find out? Why are they no jet transformed? Why are we under a slumber? I would love to be always Radical. Radical is to do my best from a place of rest rather than fear or confusion. He showing you who you are is the beginning for all. No matter the culture, the religion, the sphere, the age, the continent, the story. We all are changed, transformed, in the Glory of God. The so called Secret Place. Would they find out?

“He, God, is causing the pression of the world to scalate, the difficult situations to raise, so we will be in a point of desperately seeking Him, the Lord. That’s how we found Him, when we search for Him with all of our heart. He is driving us in a point of desperation so then we will seek Him, then we will find Him. It is a time we must arise from slumber.”

“When being organized, having all acts together, and so on are perfect tools; the renewing mind does not come because we determined to think different, but because God has raise up the parameters for my thinking.” Bill Johnson.

So, the greatest miracle of all is to learn how to love. Not just to build, consume, spend, but do all of it from a place of Love. To get that level of confidence, that level of thinking, that downloads from Heaven. Fight from rest is required to learn how to love. As easy as creating something with your words, it is talking to God about serious business. Abandon. Have you tried yet? It is the sweetest thing on earth to be heard by God and to know that God loves you from His own heart. Free and Beautiful gift.

“I am falling down to reach you
I close my eyes to see you
Annihilate my body
To elevate my soul
I am coming ‘round the corner
Looking over my shoulder
Living like it’s over
‘Cause All I want is you.”

Let us not be driven by distraction, let us not have a fragmented and boring life. Let us be brave enough every day to go to God regardless of any fear. For perfect love, or mature love, drives out fear. We all carry a little strength to search for God, let us use it and HE would invade our lives on earth AS IT IS IN HEAVEN. Heaven? No sickness, no recession, no pain, no fear. Can you imagine what it would be to live under such a Spirit here on Earth? Well, He is here. Let us drop the temporal for a moment and call on Him.

We need Him. We all do. Let us SHAKE SOME PLACE!

“All I Want”
captions by Carbon NYC & My Diverse Kitchen.

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  1. hello, nice to visit ur blog 😀


    June 9, 2010 at 11:42 pm

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