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The Weight Of Every Word

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I am in the pursue of learning how to love with real power. To me, that can happen just when truth arise from my heart. Sadly, it is from the heart from where everything, good or bad, emanates. The heart. I do not want to pour out bubbles, but power, thru every word that comes out of my mouth. Truth. To me, truth is already since the beginning lie into the Universe to where my own very words, not just catch a glimpse of reality when spoken in true, but even better, those words create reality as to release it into the natural. The Marriage of Truth. An invasion of Reality at His standar, the Standar of God. As It Is In Heaven. That is the established manifestation which is designed to be released by us all. Designed from the heart of God and released thru our agreement. Our words.

Relevant. I like that word! I see it as a picture of unity, the unity of diversity. It is very hard for me to stay too long in an irrelevant conversation, but I do not want to lose the opportunity of feeding new relationships just because I have to fulfill my rules’ agenda. I believe that nothing can ever transcend the need of us all for healthy relationships. Healthy relationships. Speaking the truth in love, not by rage. Coming from the heart.

To get to a point of peace in the midst of turmoil has been a heavy challenge for me. Now I understood, by bites, that is not me fighting against people when restling in my soul. I now understand that is not me fighting with my old nature either. (When I said “old nature” I refer to the nature I held before I realize that I was free. Free. Been free is to know that you are IN for a purpose, not just to merely survive, but have a life of value). So, my old nature is not the one that kicks my head every time I do want to do good. People can be a source, we all can be a source, but that’s not the roth of it all.

The fight is against a round of infirmity that wants all of us out of here. Thoughts of failure, rehearsing bad memories without healthy reasons, thoughts of defeat, and such. When it comes thru other people, like they just express “whatever” their mind recite to them, then the adjusting “momentum” begin. Fasting my seatbelt. So, not just I am growing as a mature women but I am also fighting for my life. All these because I have to be very careful on what I put (or agree) into my heart. If isn’t truth what I put, then is an open door for failure, the bad make his way in and opens the door to continue the blindness.

That darkness comes as a form of resistance, one that wants to crunch my day even using the mouth of love ones, specially. The devil is not diplomatic. We some times can not resist it, and go speaking just the non sense out of the blue, and sometimes we hear it from others and go affected. But that’s not a battle against people, not against our own. It is just a private victory that every one must won daily, before setting our feet upon the plans.

The established plans of God for me. Before running my life, I got to engage into the realm of TRUTH, otherwise I would be following my own path just to find myself hitting the wall….loosing my head! That truth can be understood as in how much the love that I express is bringing benefits to people’s lives. Not just doing something, but doing something significant. No to win Heaven, since that Job was done by God thru Jesus, but to Glorify God when loving each other. Furious Love! The furious love of God that cleans my heart and prepare me to live a life of victory and not of defeat. All thru Intimacy with God the Father.

Holding my Peace.

Confronting people to me is not necessary when there is not a problem, such a danger that can cause them to get hurt or really hurt. Like a child resisting me for don’t letting him cross the street by himself. There I would even carry him in my shoulders. No regrets. I am to save the day! But, in any other situation, like when trying to win an argument, what for?

I must be very careful in every word that I put out there. In anything I said yes to. And also to resist the temptation of wanting to win an argument out of pride. For if peace is not in the scene why would someone trust you. Isn’t God the God of peace? I’m thinking twice now, letting the counsel of His peace and knowledge abide in me. For Him to make in me His Home, His heart, His truth…His Love. Counting in every word.

“For out of the mouth comes life and death”, and His everlasting love is the only one that can clean our heart every time thru His counsel. For that He died, so then we can live, live an abundant life where loving each other is the reflection of His very Glory.

I am learning how to love….pursuing Him….more and more. “) Learning with every word.

illustration by Art By Wicks.


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