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Abraham, The Father Of Universal Faith.

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Everyone of us use to said the same as kids, the infamous word that Mom or Dad hates to hear, specially when it causes the coming down of walls. Ever? “Mine”…Mine! is not then a nice or a tasty word. But, when adults, this word must be in fact our banner to grasping the wisdom of the God head. The fight for a healthy dream and the joy of the process. To stir a passion designed on the inside of us already. Following after real power and for the right motivation. Dreams are for free people. I am free. I am a dreamer. I have passion!

Timing. Is not ours, and is a great thing since we can not and will not control what is going on around us. To decide when things happen or should happen will be too much weight over our shoulders, better to let God do His part. In my personal case, been now in a time of waiting for some things to come to fruition, is like some days I want to go back and do it my own way. And I can do it to a certain degree.

Thru history we have learn about the faith of Abraham and what happen when he decide to believe that God had plans for him but chose to do it his own way anyway. He did not believed the way God said it would happen, so he did it his way. Abraham discovers later that the time is of God and that He was about to deliver His promise to him, and also on the way He was to provide it thru. His own way. Terrible mess Abraham did at first, but then he was considered Faithful because he believed with his heart that God was to release what He has promised, regardless of his mess. How much God loves us!

What God planed for Abraham was a legitimate experience. There, all my certain degrees are thrown down to water. God is God. All God needs is a passionate heart that would trust Him and do what He said. Word by word. And that passion is born out of our pursue of Him. God likes to be pursue, and specially because that’s the way we prove to ourselves that we really love Him by our own choice. You want some more? Seek more, Knock more, and Ask more.

He loves a constant son or daughter in the pursue of Him so to embrace us and show us all that He is for us. And all that He is in us all.

Thru Abraham’s experience we learned that we must not just wait for the time of the Lord to accomplish the fruition of His provision that He has promised, but also to wait for the strategy thru which He is going to deliver that provision, so to bring the complete fulfillment of His desire on even every sphere of our live. At the end, all will come to pass exactly as the Lord say it will. And on His timing.

Reality. Every time I have any thoughts wanting to convince me that I’m not going to get what God said, just because I am “waiting”, and every time I hear my self believing those thoughts of defile wanting to break me down and my path, all I do is to speak out whatever God has assure about me in Prayer. Words Of God are my daily helmet. Those moments of intimacy with Him, His assurance.

A tension in my knowing, a sense of confidence, a word, a dream, a vision, whatever God used to let me know, that, I press in and trust, and put it to the bank. Bad thoughts coming? I just decree again and again, never falling in “the deception that God has forgot about me”.

Time is of the Lord, and if we in Him have a confident expectation, then we all must stay in Faith, for He himself is Faithful and True. And He does it not because how good I am or can be, but because who He IS and as a result of it He loves me with everlasting Love. He loves us all with the same love. Knowing who I am and how much God loves me is what gives me assurance that all He has started He would finish! He will!

It is just a matter of time. I am putting my boots on because it’s going to be fun! That is the nature of God. Do never negotiate it. You are Beautiful. You are!!! And God has plans to prosper you, to bless you and no to harm you. God loves you so much and all of the desires that He has put on your heart those He would make come to pass. God is Faithful. He is Faithful. And He loves you so much.

Go with Him for your dreams!
I said Go!


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  1. Hi again,
    I am new to blogging so I didn’t know if I was suppose to answer your comment on your site or mine. At any rate you have a BEAUTIFUL blog. Char createamatch


    June 14, 2010 at 1:01 am

    • I just started like in february, so here we are!!!! I’am glad you’ve visit! Your ideas for the found are awesome! Have a wonderful week! Blessings to you my hero!
      ~Great Love to You!
      Mirian from peelingtheorange. “)


      June 14, 2010 at 2:15 pm

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