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Does God’s Opinion Matters?

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Some times the side effects of past victories could tie our feet to the ground when a new breakthrough is taking its time to blow our minds. We then may be listen to some “no positive” feedback, so when a unique opportunity comes it is tremendously difficult to jump in the boat if all the feedback we are getting is “not so cool“. And why if it comes from those we find ourselves accountable. Umm?

All opinions are important, all can be honest, but those aren’t the most important opinion. Nor it is our own private opinion.

While finding accountability is a must, as fellowship, we always must consider hearing from the voice of truth, the voice of Truth. Just that voice alone would torn doubts and resists any change that isn’t in the plan; the power of truth can destroy the negative waves that resist real success. Our real success. The Voice of Truth. Would I listen the words of known people? Yes! But to what degree that would be more important than the most important opinion?

In a very creative way God knows how to make sure every human being got His point. So that’s not rocket science. Always birth out of love, never of rage. He IS the voice of truth.

So, what if God wants to take us further? If we go walking astonish by this “new way of thinking” and just decide to take the easier way (whatever my own wisdom is telling me). Ever?

I just need and obedient ear. A surrendered heart. We all do. To go falling down to reach Him, recognizing that God’s Holiness is what makes us humble. When He increase because we had decrease. Thankfully we can know that truth that is printed in our hearts.

Abiding in God’s glory, in a private and personal relationship, is what renews our mind; not by our effort, but, by His everlasting, powerful, merciful, wonderful, glorious, even, supernatural Love. We then must draw near to Him, so He can draw near to us and renew our mind every time we pursue Him. He knows what we need, is just a matter of coming to an agreement with Him in our daily private victories.

Worshipping God thru our actions is wonderful, but it is our Obedience to Him what would take us further. Obedience toward what He is saying now in my own situation. Not just general principles, but in my life been guided by His Spirit. And that is understood by spending time with Him and following His direction alone. His wisdom, His word. God would rise up the parameters of our thinking as a result of spending time in His presence, it is a natural result of the communion with God, the natural result of who He is on us. God’s love prove once more that is all to be given to us, otherwise would implode. But not worries because God’ love is to overflow and be given to us all, as we reach His heart. He is for us.

This is a decision that would kick out our pride, since alone we can never do it. We can never figure out our lives by ourselves. And it is God’s glory which renew our mind, is Him who can fill our selves with His Light. His wisdom. So that darkness will flee. Obeying to what God is saying is the way we would overcome every evil. All of it. Overcoming what stop us from conquering the success we are meant to conquer for His glory alone.

Reach His heart with passion, “For perfect love drove out fear”. We all can do this as little children. .He is worthy. He is POWERFUL. He furiously loves us every single day of our lives. He is all the Flavor of Life…He is our tasty living.

Let us draw near Him. Let Him speak to us. Let ourselves love Him.
Let us Love God! Now!


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