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Freedom isn’t having the right to choose whatever you want. Freedom is having the ability to do what is right. ~Francis Schaeffer.
Checking for Joy today? Yes, there is more glory on resting as well. Nothing like seating in that chair, trying to pursue every word to awake in us that glimpse of conspiracy, to find that we all are humans with the same agendas sooner or later, in that I found Joy. And yes, sometimes there is also gladness when you feel as you save the day by bringing some juice to the gray sky.

To me busyness, a painkiller? NO. I just check some excerpts and then going to fish. Yeah, right. The poor bench is yelling now. But is ok, I trust my expectation to mold it into a very happy appliance soon. This, writing is like the Romance Of My Mornings. I remember the Movie “You got Mail”, anyone? Huh. Well, I don’t have that annoying voice announcing mines, but the juice is some kind of deal. Right?

I decide to start writing just for the sake of sharing, entertainment, but this become sort of food. No talking about worshipping my twitter every five minutes, no. I’m talking about like talking to my hunger: Run away with me! Let us find a place of quiet and unveil the minds or paths of people so real like mine. Why not? This is like the hunger of a righteous writer who very patiently writes at least 30 reviews in the week. Healthy breakfast of Champions. Yeah! Like the Prayer of a King:

Thank you writers, you are so good,
I hope there is a glimpse of majesty on your ideas to come to reality
For me and you to taste Heaven,
You can write anything you want or think,
I hope that what you write would feed me enough,
Thanks for it, whatever you decide to write about,
Please help me to understand your world so to have less troubles my self,
You went first and that is so cool,
Help me to resist other non sense writers unlike you,
But if they come… help me to adjust my feet upon what feeds for me,
Just the good stuff,
And please make us believe we all are winners,
Because if we read you, we all are,
Make us know that one for sure.
Thanks to the Creator for bring those gifts out of you

How about the one?

Trained to Carry His Presence. The presence of a King must be something so difficult? I don’t think so. At any sphere we can be kings, when we are sent to the right mountain that is more fun. And thankfully the mountain of writing is inexpensive and full of mystery, just like an old bottle of Wine. Yes, a good writing needs to spend enough time there; God isn’t in a hurry, readers either. Really?

For me to write is like opening an Old Bottle Of Wine. Sometimes is some new matter, but most of the time that simple or new matters have some root in my life. To me that have a juice, like powerful imperceptible juice. For those who know more about wine, that would be like a “crispy” term which I’m just learning to adjust in my vocabulary. Like some kind of good word that wants to REST IN YOU. Not just be there, but be part of the life that you want to share. Like getting Marry to a NEW Song every time.

I Want to Rest In you…Word. Just take my attention to make that SHIFT in my awareness and let the Peaceful Kisser do His Job. Stir the gift. Stir the gift. Stir Up the Gift. Write something!

I don’t just want to BE there. I Want to Rest In you….Word!

4 Responses

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  1. I feel your perspective. Nice to meet you in the Blog-sphere…stay in touch. Cheers!!!

    Emmanuel Ibok

    June 17, 2010 at 8:50 am

  2. I really like this perspective on writing. I love the line “like some kind of good word that wants to rest in you”. I feel that way to sometimes.

    I just started writing this year as a way to find my way out of a difficult part of my life, and this article sort of expresses what it has become for me. Writing is my ‘juice’ now. Sometimes the thoughts or stories are good, sometimes – not so much – and then there are the or two that just ‘rest in me’ and it takes me to a different place.

    really liked this article …

    write on!


    June 17, 2010 at 10:47 am

    • Yes, to me is like it also. Like my resting place. To know that I’m not alone running the race of life. “)
      Good writing to you as well!!!
      Great Love,
      Mirian Aracely. “)


      June 17, 2010 at 12:20 pm

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