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A breath of Hope.

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Everything we believe draw toward us the thoughts about it. The wrong thoughts cause wrong behavior (attitude, expectations, theology, awareness).

If today you perceive anything less than joy, if you are really bored, like if God is on vacations, then…explore your beliefs. God is very alive and happy, is strong, joyful, is nothing wrong with Him, is tender, merciful, great FATHER, giver of great gifts, just, sweet, funny, and powerful, friend, is with you, and the best of all: He does love you.

What if all is about thinking RIGHT about God, to start with? Our heart isn’t wrong all the time if we believe the truth about God, and that start with Jesuschirst. He is both Saviour and Lord!

Explore your heart. You would discover Spirit and Truth there. Be complete!!!

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  1. Hi there! Yes, is ok. I’m glad you enjoy the journey! Have a great weekend!
    ~Mirian Aracely.


    April 9, 2011 at 1:09 pm

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