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Loving. With No Obstacles.

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I give thanks to God that HE daily give me the opportunity to learn to know Him more and thru it challenge me to want to be a better person. Does the short comings from people arround me decide my love for them?

This I feel God is been asking more and more from me and it is to love people WITH ALL MY HEART, NO MATTER WHAT, FOREVER AND ALLWAYS. Just as He does love me. That’s a good father teaching His children the succeful way for Life and Peace. Challenges are greater every day, but just then when I choose to overcome I discover I look more and more as Him. He once inspire Moses to write the Torah in wich He said He, God, made us ALL to His likeness, His image. I now know, He was serious. He keep challenging EVERY human being to that gol. No religion, No color, No nation, No size, No wallet, No anything! Just be Alive and you are IN.

Advancing in life is that… Growing to His character. Fortunately He is so close to go with us and help us fight with no other wapons than Love, Peace, Joy, Self Control, Hope, Trust, Cominment, and so on.

He is very close and REAL. I am glad!

Written by peelingtheorange

August 7, 2012 at 11:29 pm

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