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Is our Brain builded for Love?

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Absolutely Yes!!!!! Directing the System toward love is the goal. The kind of love that God is. All the bible contains God, but not all about God is in the bible alone. We are builded for love, thru the right wires (thoughts we agree to, what we believe) He guide us daily, if we choose so daily. What we do today affects our tomorrow. We are builded for love, yeah! No better love that the one you can freely choose. God is indeed a genious!

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May 16, 2011 at 9:45 pm

Is our Brain wired for Love?

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I just have a discussion about it. Out of 8, only 1 said no. Me.

Why? Well, if we can by default just automatically love the unlovable (not talking about Hollywood kind of love), then we do not need to choose, like living without free will, and then God is out of the picture. We then not need God to guide us or for us to be protected by Him.

No, God did not let Satan work hard, so then LOVE can show up. God is not sensationalist, He doesn’t need more fame. Point is that we ought to make choices every day in all we do. The defining moments are those in which emotions compete against values. And in order for us to choose, we must know what we are choosing. To understand God, and to understand ourselves. To understand Values. To study them.

Is like acting by faith in opening a new business, but having enough understanding about it, right? Otherwise we are idiots.

Then, to me is like we ought to study, meditate, ponder, practice all perfect values, so then we can choose to do the right thing and grow in it. God is all about us growing and growing in understanding. The Brain (the neurological system) is wired to act in a certain way to respond to stimuli. And choosing is (I believe) based on the mind of the heart. No talking about feelings, but about Divine Truth. I am indeed talking about the Holy Bible, God’s Word.

When we are in a struggle, then we can see that the idea of not acting in this is an action by default. For the most part, what we struggle with is a result of what we consume, think, imagine, eat, walk toward, fantasy, do; our Neurological History must be understood, to REWIRE ourselves back to what it was in the beginning of time. In the Genesis when God’s own Spirit walked away from us as a result of our disobedience we then lost all this perfect connection, great understanding. One doesn’t need to be too smart to realize that all of us need to regain what we lost. Because without it…WE STILL LOST. We, now must re-wire our selves to get with Him, whatever we are promised to get! Life without a vision is jet to be explored, for God is a good God. God’s word is indeed truth. To study is enough prove that we want the best out of us. Only the best, cause for it He die once. Only once.

Lastly. “God wants to fulfill the desires of our hearts. But like any wise Father He will not do what we ask if it would destroy us. Yet many of those desires are good, but we lack the character for the blessing to actually add quality to our lives. Thus the purpose of discipline: God disciplines us so we can survive His blessings”. ~Bill Johnson. God is a great God!!

When the odd signals come, just Call on God. He is the only HOPE.

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May 15, 2011 at 12:11 am

Empire of Illusion

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God must not be a second hand experience.

I always ask myself why there were two trees in the garden. Obviously that shows us the importance that “Free Will” has in God’s very eyes.

We are surrounded by thousands of ways on how to find “relief”; others would call it roughly: reinforcement. Male or Female, there is not difference. The goal of most of the world around us is to create in us the “need” for it. We happily paid for the chance to suspend reality. Once we tie ourselves into this cycle, there is not way to ever recover from it by ourselves alone. We found then ourselves chasing vapors. Our brain real state has been High jacked. The mental landscape of our citizens is robed. The Empire of Illusion had deceived our brain.

Nothing that we consume bounces, (think, watch, talk, eat, etc). Nothing. So we must govern ourselves and since is not easy, we must do it with God. To change our thinking in order to create those Neurological Consequences that make us live a better life. My point is clear, thru God; there is the power on knowing the healthy way, the profitable way. The legitimate solution to my: hunger, anger, loneliness, tiredness, sadness, stress, scared, shame, sickness. The legitimate solution is choosing God every day on every situation.

There it is: CHOICE. Faith vs. My Experience? Choose Faith, to Believe.

Is not enough in trying to be a nice human being, but we are to take responsibility on how we wire our brain, in order to perceive from the same account. And all is born from our BELIEVES. To vulnerability there is a God that loves us very much no matter what. Most of the people you talk to would said that they live what they profess. Although by observing at their lives you would notice that their believes is what carry them that far. Choosing to Believe the right thing then is a hard way. But once you are there it gets more easier. To presume that God loves us is a good thing. Imagine: I tell you your parents love you, but you are not convinced until you know it thru them. Right? The same is with God. He does love us. Some things we believe by faith, some others by understanding thanks to intimacy, some others believes come stronger thru experience. Experience God, His Word, most importantly…His LOVE. His Embrace.

With God unable to express this love to you there is nothing. God is free, but we need to trust what He says in His word. It is TRUE. God must then not be a second hand experience. All people are looking for relief in face of a cruel world, but in the core there is an enormous cry to experience God. With Him, we do not need to run for anything else. Only Him is enough. He is Enough!

All is permissible, not all is profitable to your life or mine.

In the world there still two tress to choose from. It is obvious whatever you turn nowdays. We still builded in the way we should walk in life. But we must every day walk intentionally with God for Him to make out of us those man and women we desperately want to be. To receive Him and then be able to make better choices every single day.

My feelings don’t dictate reality, neither the judgment of others. Ignorance and Apathy are our enemies.

Lastly, we all are RESPONSIBLE for shaping the culture. Lest do it in the right way. The way of God. Driving Change must be in our DNA. Lest work hard again! I am choosing an intimate relationship with God.

How about you today?

The Purpose of Pain

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Vision gave pain a purpose.

When you don’t like what you see and you can not change it. In life I have experience the lost of a best friend in a car accident, the lost of friendships due to walking different directions, the lost of opportunities, the lost of beautiful relationships. That hurts. Lots.

There can also be obstacles to freedom, soul tides that we need to be broken, strongholds, old habits, addictions, lies that need also to be broken; and people we need to forgive. Holding an offense against someone is the most difficult and painful thing to overcome (trust would take its time). So, growing…it is very painful as well. Very. At least to me. And age is just a number.

I am just astonished at thinking how much strength a human is able to carry, there are thousands if not millions of situations in our life in which this strength is called to do its work; jet some kind of pain can just be handle in oneness with God. That kind came not from a Divine plan but is used as a Divine appointment to take us to the next level with God. The pain of growing said: How ‘Bout me?? Then, we are introduced to the opportunity to go to the next level. With a vision before hand, pain finds its purpose. Sometimes instead of gaining some greater revelation to unfold in front of us the relief we immediately need, all we are called to do is to grow in faith and in wisdom. Pain is not created by God to give us lessons. But He can use it to serve Him in making us grow instead of just walking on denial, or coldness toward Him.

We all know that men are born to conquer, that every man and women want to be completed. Once you spend enough time discerning what is the rock in your way that you stumble with in “the season”, then you can come out with only one last resort: Growth. Therefore, why we have to give lots of walks around ourselves as if searching for a tail. Simple? Be you, be sincere, use pen & paper and talk to Him. He is not mute, never dumb, not deaf, never cold, and always ready. FOR YOU. AND JUST FOR YOU.

While dealing with pain we for sure are very tempted at reaching “WHATEVER” else comes to satisfy our hunger, the burden, and the pain. But if we are serious enough we can reach God in just one uncomplicated way to open our eyes. I have read lots of articles, notes, formulas, books, motivational stuff, new age, all else. None say what I’ve found: TALK TO GOD.

Instead of putting away pain with money, food, sex, anything. TALK! (each one of this would naturally find its expresion in the apropiate time).
But You deserve Him. We deserve Him. He died for it. He is the God of the “Suddenly”. Death is over!!! LIFE is to be experience to the fullness of God.

Did you have a Vision for your Life? If not, God can give you one. LISTEN. Pain may not be avoided all at once, but we can still take advantage of it by holding closer to the more stronger person in all of existence. Him. God is so good, strong, and closer than our breath. Speaking to Him would be better and better. Our God is a good God, and pain would at the right time lost its grip. It would. Persevere! God is STRONGER. Yeah!

And remember: If isn’t fun without God, don’t do it. God is freaking Cool!!

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April 27, 2011 at 10:50 pm

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Music & The Brain…powerful Truth.

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Every time you’re listening to Music, whether is with or without lyrics, you are creating something. That which you’ve create has the power to fuel your soul continually at greater levels than just words, whether positive or not. That piece is going to be in your brain and off course can be redeemed if what you have created wasn’t so great. If it was positive would then still infusing greater amounts of endorphin as you engage to it when need it. We must paid attention to what we are creating, because it works fine also when the influence is negative, not that powerful, but works anyway.

Music is a great tool and goes to greater levels of influence as you grow in life. Music brings hope to the soul by infusing the right mixture of sounds and lyrics. Paid attention to what you are listening to, to what you are creating, to all you agree to…even far from your ears, then to your brain, thinking, hopes, words. All counts, all counts.

Listen to good stuff!!! (It makes you smarter) Lest Go!
Lest build something Greater!

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October 6, 2010 at 12:34 am

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Change Your Confession!

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It is told to us that in every moment of our day we’re either sowing or reaping. That means that the memory bank that is inside of our brain is paying attention to what is happening outside, and is doing so all the time, even when we are sleeping. Any thought you think, that, is attracted to you.

Remember the old saying: As a men thinketh in his heart so “is he” or “is it”, remember? That means that for so long we had lose view of the influence by what I am doing inside of my body. But we are not talking here just about our Natural mind, but also about our Spiritual mind-from my heart. The mind of my heart.

Influencing the atmosphere by the way we think goes further when we make a decree out of.

The thoughts process of my heart renewed, and the power of the decree. Focus on the true out of my mouth then is a very important deal. The title of this post paint that thought as it is “Change your confession”, your confession is the buy product of what your heart really thinks. Then, what kind of thoughts I have to think?

Making that switch from a place of perspective. How do I have a perspective? Believing in what God says about you.

Transformed. I am a lover of reading, therefore I read the Bible, pretty often. I have learned that the Old Testament has an old way of thinking. Yeah!!! Old Testament anointing, practices, and theologies needs to be transformed into New Testament truth. Why? Well, when we mirror what is happening there, then there invades here. I like better the New Covenant because is one that we can pursue and get a greater Glory. If we pursue the inferior we are going to obtain a shadow of what God wants. Old Testament had glory because was released from God, but the new covenant has more glory. Old Testament is a tutor. New Testament is about Transformation. God is 100% focus on transformation, because transformed people transform Cities.

God has but one category of thinking. We must also act from that “ONE” way of thinking. WE ARE GREAT. Unbelief is not Humility, Unbelief is humiliation. GOD IS MAGNIFYING IN OUR GREATNESS. Knowing how much He has deposit inside of us is the greater revelation He can gave us. Enough for us to Shine with that revelation in our heart. And Fruitful Growth in The Faith just happens as we believe His word, ponder upon it, believe it, and yield to it until the point that that confession on WHO WE ARE becomes celular truth…to act then from it, to excell from it. Because IT IS FINISHED!!!.



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June 23, 2010 at 2:18 am

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How Lies keep us Captive.

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In a Sunday, like three or so months ago, I carefully planed to spend time with My Dad. All I was trying to carry out was to feed the relationship even more. It was days without sharing a meal with him, since he works until late hours and six and a half days a week. So, I manage to prepare the lunch for both of us. As I was serving the yummy meal I came to realize that all I was doing was to do all the talking in my head. And not nice talking. All Dad was doing, was staying calm. But was a boring moment. So we were rescue once more.

Me and my Dad have a wonderful relationship, he is funny and I am funny as well. He likes to eat and I like to eat a lot. He likes to watch movies, and I love to spend time watching movies that inspired me also. My Dad likes to walk a lot, eat cookies, buy new stuff for the house, make jokes, and so do I. We both do very well alone.

This particular day though I started to pay attention to my head, some rare but persistence, odd thoughts. In the blink of an eye the food got cold, and I wonder where is that glimpse again? Just took about 5 minutes. Thank God! To me to realize it and rescue the boat. From judgment to love. I was rescue.

In those moments of pursuing the wrong thing, I learned that while truth make us free, the only thing lies do is keep us captive. Captive from rejoicing every one of the moments with our loves ones, our friends, and to learn new things, to paid attention with an honest heart to what is happening to them, to honor every relationship. I learned my lesson.

From now on I would do my best effort on listening, not just to focus on “expending time together” but that the outcome of that time would be fruitful. Quality Time with my Dad is as important as any other relationship. To honor our parents is one of the things that takes the heart of God and enlighten the way thru our hearts. All the way.

Softly I am beginning to embrace every relationship with honor, to every one of them, and with the special ingredient of my own way of loving them. My Dad? He likes to laugh, laugh, and laugh. Yes, it’s less difficult then. I will make it happen regardless of what my head is trying to overshadow. And that can be done just thru Love. Good days, bad days, Love does not have boundaries. All I have to do is to listen to it and follow His advice. He is The Way.

Judgment is for decisions. Never for people.
Love is The Way.

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