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Know Your Friends

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One day, a little boy visited a doctor for a vaccination. After the doctor gave him an injection, he tried to bandage the boy’s arm.

“I think you’d better bandage the other arm, doc!”, said the boy.

“But, why? I’m supposed to bandage the injected part of your arm to let your friends know not to touch it.”

“Doc, you really don’t know anything about how my friends behave!”


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August 31, 2011 at 12:21 am

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Wacky Definitions

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Wacky Definitions

Gravity: Not just a good idea, it’s the law!

Gross ignorance: 144 times worse than normal ignorance.

Clock: A small mechanical device to wake up people without children.

Karaoke: A Japanese word meaning “tone deaf”.

Opera: Where a guy gets stabbed in the back and sings about it.

Racial prejudice is a pigment of the imagination.

“Normal”: A setting on a washing machine.

Health: The slowest possible rate of dying.

Poverty: Having too much month left at the end of the money.

Boy: A noise with dirt on it.

Sleep: That fleeting moment just before the alarm goes off.

Cynic: Someone who smells the flowers and looks for the casket.

Witlag: The delay between delivery and comprehension of a joke.

Skier: Someone who pays an arm and a leg to break them.


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May 21, 2011 at 11:41 am

Is our Brain builded for Love?

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Absolutely Yes!!!!! Directing the System toward love is the goal. The kind of love that God is. All the bible contains God, but not all about God is in the bible alone. We are builded for love, thru the right wires (thoughts we agree to, what we believe) He guide us daily, if we choose so daily. What we do today affects our tomorrow. We are builded for love, yeah! No better love that the one you can freely choose. God is indeed a genious!

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May 16, 2011 at 9:45 pm

Is our Brain wired for Love?

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I just have a discussion about it. Out of 8, only 1 said no. Me.

Why? Well, if we can by default just automatically love the unlovable (not talking about Hollywood kind of love), then we do not need to choose, like living without free will, and then God is out of the picture. We then not need God to guide us or for us to be protected by Him.

No, God did not let Satan work hard, so then LOVE can show up. God is not sensationalist, He doesn’t need more fame. Point is that we ought to make choices every day in all we do. The defining moments are those in which emotions compete against values. And in order for us to choose, we must know what we are choosing. To understand God, and to understand ourselves. To understand Values. To study them.

Is like acting by faith in opening a new business, but having enough understanding about it, right? Otherwise we are idiots.

Then, to me is like we ought to study, meditate, ponder, practice all perfect values, so then we can choose to do the right thing and grow in it. God is all about us growing and growing in understanding. The Brain (the neurological system) is wired to act in a certain way to respond to stimuli. And choosing is (I believe) based on the mind of the heart. No talking about feelings, but about Divine Truth. I am indeed talking about the Holy Bible, God’s Word.

When we are in a struggle, then we can see that the idea of not acting in this is an action by default. For the most part, what we struggle with is a result of what we consume, think, imagine, eat, walk toward, fantasy, do; our Neurological History must be understood, to REWIRE ourselves back to what it was in the beginning of time. In the Genesis when God’s own Spirit walked away from us as a result of our disobedience we then lost all this perfect connection, great understanding. One doesn’t need to be too smart to realize that all of us need to regain what we lost. Because without it…WE STILL LOST. We, now must re-wire our selves to get with Him, whatever we are promised to get! Life without a vision is jet to be explored, for God is a good God. God’s word is indeed truth. To study is enough prove that we want the best out of us. Only the best, cause for it He die once. Only once.

Lastly. “God wants to fulfill the desires of our hearts. But like any wise Father He will not do what we ask if it would destroy us. Yet many of those desires are good, but we lack the character for the blessing to actually add quality to our lives. Thus the purpose of discipline: God disciplines us so we can survive His blessings”. ~Bill Johnson. God is a great God!!

When the odd signals come, just Call on God. He is the only HOPE.

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May 15, 2011 at 12:11 am

The scientific side of sexuality

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Dr. William Struthers explaining the scientific side of sexuality. Get the Link here.

Empire of Illusion

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God must not be a second hand experience.

I always ask myself why there were two trees in the garden. Obviously that shows us the importance that “Free Will” has in God’s very eyes.

We are surrounded by thousands of ways on how to find “relief”; others would call it roughly: reinforcement. Male or Female, there is not difference. The goal of most of the world around us is to create in us the “need” for it. We happily paid for the chance to suspend reality. Once we tie ourselves into this cycle, there is not way to ever recover from it by ourselves alone. We found then ourselves chasing vapors. Our brain real state has been High jacked. The mental landscape of our citizens is robed. The Empire of Illusion had deceived our brain.

Nothing that we consume bounces, (think, watch, talk, eat, etc). Nothing. So we must govern ourselves and since is not easy, we must do it with God. To change our thinking in order to create those Neurological Consequences that make us live a better life. My point is clear, thru God; there is the power on knowing the healthy way, the profitable way. The legitimate solution to my: hunger, anger, loneliness, tiredness, sadness, stress, scared, shame, sickness. The legitimate solution is choosing God every day on every situation.

There it is: CHOICE. Faith vs. My Experience? Choose Faith, to Believe.

Is not enough in trying to be a nice human being, but we are to take responsibility on how we wire our brain, in order to perceive from the same account. And all is born from our BELIEVES. To vulnerability there is a God that loves us very much no matter what. Most of the people you talk to would said that they live what they profess. Although by observing at their lives you would notice that their believes is what carry them that far. Choosing to Believe the right thing then is a hard way. But once you are there it gets more easier. To presume that God loves us is a good thing. Imagine: I tell you your parents love you, but you are not convinced until you know it thru them. Right? The same is with God. He does love us. Some things we believe by faith, some others by understanding thanks to intimacy, some others believes come stronger thru experience. Experience God, His Word, most importantly…His LOVE. His Embrace.

With God unable to express this love to you there is nothing. God is free, but we need to trust what He says in His word. It is TRUE. God must then not be a second hand experience. All people are looking for relief in face of a cruel world, but in the core there is an enormous cry to experience God. With Him, we do not need to run for anything else. Only Him is enough. He is Enough!

All is permissible, not all is profitable to your life or mine.

In the world there still two tress to choose from. It is obvious whatever you turn nowdays. We still builded in the way we should walk in life. But we must every day walk intentionally with God for Him to make out of us those man and women we desperately want to be. To receive Him and then be able to make better choices every single day.

My feelings don’t dictate reality, neither the judgment of others. Ignorance and Apathy are our enemies.

Lastly, we all are RESPONSIBLE for shaping the culture. Lest do it in the right way. The way of God. Driving Change must be in our DNA. Lest work hard again! I am choosing an intimate relationship with God.

How about you today?

Confident & Joyful

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There is a place for Confidence and Joy in the cosmos. I do not know exactly how to name it so that everybody would understand it, but is not pleasing a fun club what I’m dearly pursuing in my life. It is simply to inspire truth to all thirsty, dear, and sensitive humans.

No matter who you had believe you are, no matter what happen to us, either what hasn’t happen. We all are free to reach to that potential, to dream big, because the Creator is big, He is the great designer, and I don’t want any other source but the greatest to direct my way. Every day decisions make us grow, not to torture us with mistakes or absent solutions, but in all we learn. Creation for us is a process, a fun process if we are in the right mood, the mood of trust in Him. How you can trust a person, if you ever had a relationship (a normal one) with the person. Right? And how you can grow in the relationship if you kept a different mood that the person you want to partner with. In other words, God is always and only happy. If you ever want to grow into the best dreams, ideas, plans, truth, peace, joy, and real Love; then you better reach Him with all gratitude, thankfulness and simply trust that He wants the best. Other counterfeit thoughts, feelings, or whatever comes between must be put to test. God is always forgiving, interested in our grow, using all our dreams, to shape what finally is within us. To help us, to serve one another, to build, never to destroy humanity.

If you ever believe that you know best, then you do it! You have God, you have a plan, you have wisdom, His; why not to do the best? And if you ever doubt His guidance is because you just know Him little. The more you do know Him, the more you understand His ways, His guidance, Him walking beside you. Little wisdom? He is so open to give to anyone, just ask of Him. That’s all you do.

From a journey of “vision board boring-when I’m going to make it?” toward: “THE ADVENTURE OF GUIDANCE”. All love gave away battles of endurance and forgiveness and growth, and fun healthy life, and risk, and holiness; all IS worthed.

Life in His hands it is indeed: “The Adventure of Guidance”. To reach the highest standar of holiness ever recorded on human history.

AM IN!!!! Are you??? Freedom is knocking at your heart. And must be a sweet, truth, gentle, never conmdening, always kind sound. A knowing, not a feeling. For He is Faithful and Truth. He is Love. Real Love.

Have a great safe Journey my dears!!!!!
You are Precious!!! You are Truly Loved!!!

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April 9, 2011 at 5:08 pm

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A breath of Hope.

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Everything we believe draw toward us the thoughts about it. The wrong thoughts cause wrong behavior (attitude, expectations, theology, awareness).

If today you perceive anything less than joy, if you are really bored, like if God is on vacations, then…explore your beliefs. God is very alive and happy, is strong, joyful, is nothing wrong with Him, is tender, merciful, great FATHER, giver of great gifts, just, sweet, funny, and powerful, friend, is with you, and the best of all: He does love you.

What if all is about thinking RIGHT about God, to start with? Our heart isn’t wrong all the time if we believe the truth about God, and that start with Jesuschirst. He is both Saviour and Lord!

Explore your heart. You would discover Spirit and Truth there. Be complete!!!

Can you see at Love and still yet blind?

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The Conversation started like: “You see, there is one thing called love, and is not in the people that surround you.” To what I just stood speechless and confused. So then this person went and said: “They don’t love you”. Well, I really have this skeptical mood some times, like after I heard those words I push my self into remember that I “must” be a prudent writer when sharing this experience. To edit a word is not that bad! Off course I did not believe what this person told me, and as a Christian I know also that everybody just need a little bit to start, just that would be enough. No perfection requiered.

I have read some literature, blogs, sermons, thru my entire life, but I just can not get enough of it. So I went back to the in a 2 minutes passage that got my eye for hours….and hours. You can give it a try if your curiosity strikes your hunger for the truth (1 cor 13:4-8). What’s the point? Ok. It’s true that just mature love can help us to stand strong in this wonderful, and some times messy life. Without mature love we can easily be eaten by lots of under estimated “who invite you to my party” kind of tensions. Those nights when we awake thinking what a mess all has been. But, even if perfection WOULD get me further at some point, everybody starts with “a little”. So I can not underestimate the little love we all “for sure” start with, we start with a little strength, then it grows. So yes! some peers, friends, anybody will let you down, but that doesn’t require for me to live in isolation, or fake my dreams, or care less for people. All of us are still on the learning. Love is Love….you start with just a little, you learn to LOVE better and get over the freaky “my own wisdom”….to pursue genuine love, because love grows. We all know that it comes from God, then what to fear? He is and always be beyond the beauty that can be imagined. Way above our heads. Yes it takes courage, but also refresh the soul. Always. Is worth even without shortcuts.

When mature love comes we all will see with such a clarity that we can easily forgive with such a strong and divine power that no hurt will over rule us. When perfect love comes to our heart brain cells we all can be satisfy no matter what the outcome be. When we have then a little, let it Grow. Put water, patience, trust, but also walk in faith of it. When perfect love comes…all the rest would fade. Love is a winner, and never fails. Never, never. never.

…let us sow some now. Let Love fill the House!!!!

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