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Vulnerable vs. Secure

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Vulnerable: Susceptible to physical or emotional injury. Susceptible to attack. Liable to succumb, as to persuasion or temptation.

Secure: Not likely to fail or give way; stable. Assured; certain. In safe custody. Not likely to fail, become loose, etc. Free from fear or doubt; easy in mind.

We all are vulnerable, we all must also be secure. Got juice yet?

One Of The Boys

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“There is not need for anyone to walk that far to be found by God. He is near. Near as one’s breath.” ~Unknown.

I had this nudging question consuming my every thought about how to fix the mess that my life was. I want to be someone so badly, but when looking at my steps all was a picture of non sense, to me. Like I need it, someone to come to agreement with me, but no just anyone, someone with the faith, the experience, the power, and the ability. Who’s that?

I come to learn that to God it is better to have children with troubles that no children at all. That’s good news to me. I am in for a retreat. I need it that fusion; my gifts and His ability sure make a killer weapon. What we want to kill together?…unbelief, struggles, depression, confusion, desperation. When is true that there is a season for all these to have its own attention, is also true that is just “a season”. Get it? Just a season.

Well, where to start?

Here. I had all kinds of thoughts. Yes, those too.

All started when I was born, like anyone. But I just got “informed” of it all as I began to search for more in life. Like one goes into a tremendous inventory and yes, behind those boxes is the entire mold. I had those apparently thoughts of self-confidence and it went too far. At once I believe that I can alone fix my head by just re-adjusting to the rules. But it wasn’t my mind that needed to be born again, but my heart.

Unwanted feelings represent unresolved issues and unmet needs. These are what I fight back then, with all of my guts. When I was tired, was nothing else, just the wall and me. I always look at my situation like as a humble person, but is not a humble one the one that come to agreement with God? I thought that He talks to people with blue collar, but I was wrong, He was there for me. What I used to call humble, wasn’t really that. I was at the tip of the mountain. Thoughts, horrible ones, even those who put you to think backwards, yes, those too. Wicked. Then, in a second I realize that my heart was so fill with more than mistakes or ignorance. My old nature was horrible.

I was kind of Daniel kind of girl. And every Network has a Daniel, so I was ok. Always being the smartest one, fixing everything, meeting all needs, making everyone happy. But how about me? Huh?

I just need it the words of God to bring healing in my life, just one breath, close as the wind, and HE was made acknowledge in my own path. The so “far from home Creator” became my best pal. I little by little began to see His love at every step of the way. I remember those thoughts of homosexuality arousing in my head and heart. Yes, those that make you think that is a global universe and if lots of people are doing it, why not me? The world has change, right? Why not? And I’m the only one hurt here, so why not to try? Then…as I was about to put one more seed in that obscure and even consuming dominion, I was reminded….I am It? I am It?

To believe in God became the prove to me about being or not really humble, not that I want to win a price, but if I really want to do the right thing. Not just have the ability to do what I want, but the ability to do what is right. It is right to hurt my life? NO. Then, back off. I went to think outside the box and began to listen to videos, or books. I found one recently by Sy Rogers here. “Whether you or your family are facing similar struggles or you want a better understanding of these issues and the character of God, this encouraging and inspiring message is for you” ~Sy Rogers.

Feedback, the Breakfast of Champions. I always considered that to be true. But I wasn’t totally aware of who is and who is not a great source of feedback to me. I was so attach to this friend of mine; I did not realize that she was having this confusion. The day I realize it that was the day of the tribulations, and I was thisclose to fall into that fight. I was in kind of one, but I did not care, for her and of course for me. It was a horrible moment. But I defended my new heart at all cost. Stepping inside my place and moving no where from where God has placing me already. Messy head started to plug in to the supernatural love of God, when I need it the most, He was faithful. He is. We just need a glimpse of God, and He is so near, that if I did not cry out that Sunday…who knows where in the world I would be by now. For only His word creates a Reality, and He was with me there, and ever since, and that was the moment where I fought to stay with His word and not with my pain. No Anymore! That was the primary feedback. Supernatural isn’t weird anymore, is cool, close, simple, loving, caring, honest, free, unselfish, like a well of water happy for you to drink of IT.

God’s word plus believe can do Miracles. The Abilities of The Provider.

I then, that afternoon understood that God can touch ANYONE. I understood that to agree with Him is to be humble. Just took for me to have an unoffended heart and trust God even if I can’t see Him, just trust in His word. Written word. In hearts on flesh. Like yours, like mine.

So, Means vs. God’s Word don’t take often some real state? For that I have His love that reminds me of the true. His love benefits me, His love transcends my mind, His love influence me in a way that any other thing or person can’t. God is real and so cool. I would even said…Down to earth. Better that any famous person on earth. He is Holy, but also He is a friend. A gentleman.

When we love God then is easy to obey, does not look as an obligation but as a response to such amazing, caring, perfect, awesome, pure, irresistible love of God. He is good. God’s unsearchable Grace is here. At hand reach. Close as your heart bits. He is Near. Forever. God is good!

Today, Pray for that Miracle. “)

Writing to God…

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To The King Of Kings

Hounting day by day never resting
Molding jars of clay with every breath
Filling all our hopes with His greatness
Firmly determine to reach all souls

Searching ways to give us holy bread
Unsearchable grace holding a commitment
Eyes of fire that melt my fears away forever
My King of Kings is master at Love us even more

Every day I stand before His presence
Nothing to offer just a servant heart to give
Beautiful Christ who gives freedom at the Cross
For You the Glory, Power and the Kingdom be

No words can express the Joy I’m holding
And every bit is living to give You Praise
I’m wondering for more power to discover
My precious King of Kings, He is all I need.

The Bridegroom’s Voice

Standing at your feet waiting,
expecting for you to reveal your heart to me,
getting a sense of heaven as my heart beats,
searching to know your absolute desires patiently,
as my breathing goes with this new fragrance,
and my skin is no more dwelling in my grief,
Praise my King! Every bit of my thankful soul,
make yours every glory,
make only come to pass your will.

When kiss your beauty with every single tear,
my heart eyes start to dwell eternity,
my hands also reach the perfect Lamb clothed in love,
His greatness enlighten the room as present your voice in a glimpse,
make your sweetness be touched by every human being,
make every soul joyful when searching the tenderness of His breeze,
my only moment where the life make truly worth,
Precious Emmanuel goes hounding for our freedom without resting,
Worthy King, my Bridegroom… in You Everlasting is my peace.

Embracing My Master Faithfulness

The sword had pierced my cold and rocky soul
Thousand nights in the battle for this courage
I went to His feet crying out for truly strength
A cost which dividends are worth for the King’s glory

These terms are not cheap nor are they from my own
An alabaster jar been cleaned and unfolded day by day
The taste of these waters is what releases us from strong hands
Thanks to the King which been slain rose up from wearing my sins

A revealing truth invites my heart to the life parade
And His faithfulness embraced this gift of hidden manna
I died to my own ways and wait like a tree plant by a river
Learning the King’s obedience and surrendering to his breath

A warm afternoon all around my hopes and a sweet fragrance
Are these the powers of the King’s presence moving in the waters?
I fear no more with His eyes of fire fighting in this spilled heart
He gave the music to my blood and on His house I dwell, forevermore.

The Peaceful Kisser…

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Freedom isn’t having the right to choose whatever you want. Freedom is having the ability to do what is right. ~Francis Schaeffer.
Checking for Joy today? Yes, there is more glory on resting as well. Nothing like seating in that chair, trying to pursue every word to awake in us that glimpse of conspiracy, to find that we all are humans with the same agendas sooner or later, in that I found Joy. And yes, sometimes there is also gladness when you feel as you save the day by bringing some juice to the gray sky.

To me busyness, a painkiller? NO. I just check some excerpts and then going to fish. Yeah, right. The poor bench is yelling now. But is ok, I trust my expectation to mold it into a very happy appliance soon. This, writing is like the Romance Of My Mornings. I remember the Movie “You got Mail”, anyone? Huh. Well, I don’t have that annoying voice announcing mines, but the juice is some kind of deal. Right?

I decide to start writing just for the sake of sharing, entertainment, but this become sort of food. No talking about worshipping my twitter every five minutes, no. I’m talking about like talking to my hunger: Run away with me! Let us find a place of quiet and unveil the minds or paths of people so real like mine. Why not? This is like the hunger of a righteous writer who very patiently writes at least 30 reviews in the week. Healthy breakfast of Champions. Yeah! Like the Prayer of a King:

Thank you writers, you are so good,
I hope there is a glimpse of majesty on your ideas to come to reality
For me and you to taste Heaven,
You can write anything you want or think,
I hope that what you write would feed me enough,
Thanks for it, whatever you decide to write about,
Please help me to understand your world so to have less troubles my self,
You went first and that is so cool,
Help me to resist other non sense writers unlike you,
But if they come… help me to adjust my feet upon what feeds for me,
Just the good stuff,
And please make us believe we all are winners,
Because if we read you, we all are,
Make us know that one for sure.
Thanks to the Creator for bring those gifts out of you

How about the one?

Trained to Carry His Presence. The presence of a King must be something so difficult? I don’t think so. At any sphere we can be kings, when we are sent to the right mountain that is more fun. And thankfully the mountain of writing is inexpensive and full of mystery, just like an old bottle of Wine. Yes, a good writing needs to spend enough time there; God isn’t in a hurry, readers either. Really?

For me to write is like opening an Old Bottle Of Wine. Sometimes is some new matter, but most of the time that simple or new matters have some root in my life. To me that have a juice, like powerful imperceptible juice. For those who know more about wine, that would be like a “crispy” term which I’m just learning to adjust in my vocabulary. Like some kind of good word that wants to REST IN YOU. Not just be there, but be part of the life that you want to share. Like getting Marry to a NEW Song every time.

I Want to Rest In you…Word. Just take my attention to make that SHIFT in my awareness and let the Peaceful Kisser do His Job. Stir the gift. Stir the gift. Stir Up the Gift. Write something!

I don’t just want to BE there. I Want to Rest In you….Word!

Does God’s Opinion Matters?

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Some times the side effects of past victories could tie our feet to the ground when a new breakthrough is taking its time to blow our minds. We then may be listen to some “no positive” feedback, so when a unique opportunity comes it is tremendously difficult to jump in the boat if all the feedback we are getting is “not so cool“. And why if it comes from those we find ourselves accountable. Umm?

All opinions are important, all can be honest, but those aren’t the most important opinion. Nor it is our own private opinion.

While finding accountability is a must, as fellowship, we always must consider hearing from the voice of truth, the voice of Truth. Just that voice alone would torn doubts and resists any change that isn’t in the plan; the power of truth can destroy the negative waves that resist real success. Our real success. The Voice of Truth. Would I listen the words of known people? Yes! But to what degree that would be more important than the most important opinion?

In a very creative way God knows how to make sure every human being got His point. So that’s not rocket science. Always birth out of love, never of rage. He IS the voice of truth.

So, what if God wants to take us further? If we go walking astonish by this “new way of thinking” and just decide to take the easier way (whatever my own wisdom is telling me). Ever?

I just need and obedient ear. A surrendered heart. We all do. To go falling down to reach Him, recognizing that God’s Holiness is what makes us humble. When He increase because we had decrease. Thankfully we can know that truth that is printed in our hearts.

Abiding in God’s glory, in a private and personal relationship, is what renews our mind; not by our effort, but, by His everlasting, powerful, merciful, wonderful, glorious, even, supernatural Love. We then must draw near to Him, so He can draw near to us and renew our mind every time we pursue Him. He knows what we need, is just a matter of coming to an agreement with Him in our daily private victories.

Worshipping God thru our actions is wonderful, but it is our Obedience to Him what would take us further. Obedience toward what He is saying now in my own situation. Not just general principles, but in my life been guided by His Spirit. And that is understood by spending time with Him and following His direction alone. His wisdom, His word. God would rise up the parameters of our thinking as a result of spending time in His presence, it is a natural result of the communion with God, the natural result of who He is on us. God’s love prove once more that is all to be given to us, otherwise would implode. But not worries because God’ love is to overflow and be given to us all, as we reach His heart. He is for us.

This is a decision that would kick out our pride, since alone we can never do it. We can never figure out our lives by ourselves. And it is God’s glory which renew our mind, is Him who can fill our selves with His Light. His wisdom. So that darkness will flee. Obeying to what God is saying is the way we would overcome every evil. All of it. Overcoming what stop us from conquering the success we are meant to conquer for His glory alone.

Reach His heart with passion, “For perfect love drove out fear”. We all can do this as little children. .He is worthy. He is POWERFUL. He furiously loves us every single day of our lives. He is all the Flavor of Life…He is our tasty living.

Let us draw near Him. Let Him speak to us. Let ourselves love Him.
Let us Love God! Now!

Abraham, The Father Of Universal Faith.

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Everyone of us use to said the same as kids, the infamous word that Mom or Dad hates to hear, specially when it causes the coming down of walls. Ever? “Mine”…Mine! is not then a nice or a tasty word. But, when adults, this word must be in fact our banner to grasping the wisdom of the God head. The fight for a healthy dream and the joy of the process. To stir a passion designed on the inside of us already. Following after real power and for the right motivation. Dreams are for free people. I am free. I am a dreamer. I have passion!

Timing. Is not ours, and is a great thing since we can not and will not control what is going on around us. To decide when things happen or should happen will be too much weight over our shoulders, better to let God do His part. In my personal case, been now in a time of waiting for some things to come to fruition, is like some days I want to go back and do it my own way. And I can do it to a certain degree.

Thru history we have learn about the faith of Abraham and what happen when he decide to believe that God had plans for him but chose to do it his own way anyway. He did not believed the way God said it would happen, so he did it his way. Abraham discovers later that the time is of God and that He was about to deliver His promise to him, and also on the way He was to provide it thru. His own way. Terrible mess Abraham did at first, but then he was considered Faithful because he believed with his heart that God was to release what He has promised, regardless of his mess. How much God loves us!

What God planed for Abraham was a legitimate experience. There, all my certain degrees are thrown down to water. God is God. All God needs is a passionate heart that would trust Him and do what He said. Word by word. And that passion is born out of our pursue of Him. God likes to be pursue, and specially because that’s the way we prove to ourselves that we really love Him by our own choice. You want some more? Seek more, Knock more, and Ask more.

He loves a constant son or daughter in the pursue of Him so to embrace us and show us all that He is for us. And all that He is in us all.

Thru Abraham’s experience we learned that we must not just wait for the time of the Lord to accomplish the fruition of His provision that He has promised, but also to wait for the strategy thru which He is going to deliver that provision, so to bring the complete fulfillment of His desire on even every sphere of our live. At the end, all will come to pass exactly as the Lord say it will. And on His timing.

Reality. Every time I have any thoughts wanting to convince me that I’m not going to get what God said, just because I am “waiting”, and every time I hear my self believing those thoughts of defile wanting to break me down and my path, all I do is to speak out whatever God has assure about me in Prayer. Words Of God are my daily helmet. Those moments of intimacy with Him, His assurance.

A tension in my knowing, a sense of confidence, a word, a dream, a vision, whatever God used to let me know, that, I press in and trust, and put it to the bank. Bad thoughts coming? I just decree again and again, never falling in “the deception that God has forgot about me”.

Time is of the Lord, and if we in Him have a confident expectation, then we all must stay in Faith, for He himself is Faithful and True. And He does it not because how good I am or can be, but because who He IS and as a result of it He loves me with everlasting Love. He loves us all with the same love. Knowing who I am and how much God loves me is what gives me assurance that all He has started He would finish! He will!

It is just a matter of time. I am putting my boots on because it’s going to be fun! That is the nature of God. Do never negotiate it. You are Beautiful. You are!!! And God has plans to prosper you, to bless you and no to harm you. God loves you so much and all of the desires that He has put on your heart those He would make come to pass. God is Faithful. He is Faithful. And He loves you so much.

Go with Him for your dreams!
I said Go!

The Funny Things about the English Language…

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Lets face it
English is an obtuse language.
There is no egg in the eggplant
No ham in the hamburger
And neither pine nor apple in the pineapple.
English muffins were not invented in England
French fries were not invented in France.

We sometimes take English for granted
But if we examine its paradoxes we find that
Quicksand takes you down slowly
Boxing rings are square
And a guinea pig is neither from Guinea nor is it a pig.

If writers write, how come fingers don’t fing.
If the plural of tooth is teeth
Shouldn’t the plural of phone booth be phone beeth
If the teacher taught,
Why didn’t the preacher praught.

If a vegetarian eats vegetables
What on earth does a humanitarian eat!?
Why do people recite at a play
Yet play at a recital?
Park on driveways and
Drive on parkways
How can the weather be as hot as hell on one day
And as cold as hell on another

You have to marvel at the unique lunacy
Of a language where a house can burn up as
It burns down
And in which you fill in a form
By filling it out
And a bell is only heard once it goes!

English was invented by people, not computers
And it reflects the creativity of the human race
(Which of course isn’t a race at all)

That is why When the stars are out they are visible
But when the lights are out they are invisible
And why it is that when I wind up my watch
It starts
But when I wind up this poem
It ends.

Cyber Salt
caption by Sitepoint.

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