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Don’t miss a trick. Seasoning for good talks.

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How much salt I put in a dish depends on the recipe, right? So I got the “A+” dish in my brain, then go out and as soon as I find any “unsalty” fella I start to work for a perfect formula to work in them, right? Don’t you do the same? At least that was me, and at times I do it again. But I’m learning to be just of one mind.

I worked so hard in order to discover formulas so then I can change people’s behavior and make this world a better place…for me. I thought.

The goal is to bring out the best in others in a conversation, not put them down, not cut them out. The point that I missed was that it wasn’t about fixing behaviors, or helping them to realize so, since that is a personal journey (turning to the best way), the point is to learn to love all people sincerely even if that change them by little steps. I do not mean that I consider myself better than others, but my point is that some times we can figure out our perfect view, and we want others to join, just for love. But indeed love is unconditional. So, that lesson is for me as well. Steping back? Just doing what I know is true.

Have you watch how Missionaries work? Ok. They study all about the place they are going to work, the people that they are going to live with, new words, new traditions, new Nation, new everything. When the Mission takes off and they want to communicate their messages all they do is do it in the “WAY” these people are familiar with. From what they read to what they eat. So then you have a bunch of people who are partaking the same bread that all they know. If all you use is “your way” of talking, books you read, experiences of your own, then they would be amazed…thankful by your effort, but still hungry. When you speak in their language, meaning their whole culture, is then like an opportunity for them to connect with you at the same channels. All these effort from you in connecting what you want to release in a way that they can “touch”, is then worth! Feedback is born, and when that happen is just the first brick to a great journey. So isn’t about re-making robots to our personal way of “being” but embracing diversity thru loving others without conditions, out of choice and unselfishly. That’s the shortcut. Just simple but sincere words. We want this world to change ever? Love is the only shortcut. Not the feeling of love, but that in every action we do it with a sincere heart, and that can not happen unless we have empathy, not sympathy. To me is between feeling sorry OR realizing the potential on every person I met. Is a whole world of difference. Understand the common passion with all people. Compassion.

Some cultures, traditions, Nations have complicated words for simple things. This reminds me of those Laws waiting to be understood in Congress, I must said…read. No wonder with such an amount of ink, Who would ever really read those? And in the midst of trying may you lose your heart, or your head. Better to use simple words that all of us can understand. And we all know you like Emerson…no worries. “Use your heads as you live and work among outsiders. Don’t miss a trick. Make the most of every opportunity. Be gracious in your speech. The goal is to bring out the best in others in a conversation, not put them down, not cut them out.” That’s a great piece of advice right there! Huh. Paul of Tarsus was very good at this.

Every time I try to communicate is this inner battle. One hand wants to look polish. The other hand wants to use simple language, the shortcut to the heart. So I recommend to use better the simple language. For me complicated words are those who sum one whole idea on one line. Well, I use that and paint it with my colors, at a point that anybody can relate to. No that all people would like it or understand it, but I’m sure my point is clear for most of all. Building Healthy Relationships with true love has to be Our Destiny, otherwise we miss the point of being in the top of the Mountain.

A Hot real state. I like to search and learn from what’s going on around people’s lives and put that in my own words, but off course when portraying my own is fun as well. You have your own permission to use any color you want. All the potential. Risk of looking like a fool, but to me that’s just the way to live. I have my own permission to live just a Great Life! Investing time like in loving people is the best way to engage and build community, knowing that the matter of change for the better (If that is ever a concern) depends on the person itself, transformation could be exhorted in a godly manner by anyone that loves you, but the decision is personal, never scare someone into your amazing life. Better to do what you know and then just let LIFE take the stage. Everyone is invited to grow, and is personal. Always free and fun to watch. Is not about fixing people, but loving people. Because if we don’t love them, we don’t have agreement, and if there is not agreement from a sincere heart, nothing powerful can never take place. Making sure we LOVE them first is their stage to choose the best for them from a real view of what we put to the test…our LOVE for them.

So I hope that my life get much and much JUICE this coming seasons, so then I can delight all who read this lines and transmit some of the great graces who make those moments possible. And I have then more ingredients for a rich conversation. Is not wonder in how Love gets out to work, so I am in for partnering for more. Yes!

To A Great Life!!!
To A Great Journey!!!

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July 7, 2010 at 4:20 am

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Under my Skin

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Sounds to me like some of Steve Tyrel lines…rigth? I got my issues this very week, and this is what I call life. I use to write to said just something to cut the wind. This very week I had  to cut the wind even to the expense of my own strength, even when not creating anything (what I try to? …clarity). Thank God we have that with us in the bank for eternity. We have strength in the mist of craziness. At least I have the “tiny” little idea there, when crying: HELP!!!!! I do know how it works, just paint the walls with my lungs out to the world, and peace arrive. Always and only. That’s what I call….”With Us”.

I just kind of realize the reason for me to write, this need, this hunger to get my finger tips in those eternal kisses with the keyboard. To get that passionate romance alive I have to feed my self with reality. Living in the bubble doesn’t work anymore. The romance of writing doesn’t have to pursue isolation, no way! Somebody said that, and I believe is not true. To me is about learning to give to every area it’s just attention. Otherwise the boat would sink.

At times all I want to do is a massage to my back. But, I love to write even if I have to get a replacement. May be if My Dear (lest call him Dr.H) would soon come to the rescue this would be a different story. Poor boy, if one day would assume that we are meant to be together (I guess), all He has to do is hear me speaking, that’s no fear? or the revenue to love? I don’t know. When I find out, soon I would write about it. I guess is a 20/20. He is searching, searching, searching, not listening, and searching. I guess I have to wait, wrinkles do not appreciate it. But in the mist of my longing for it I assume is my extravagant gift of love to Him. If He wants me to wait until He discovers America….who cares! I love U. Silly you.

If one can write all that is under the skin?

I do not know. May be is just this hunger to feed those who love to read, to discover, to engage, to pursue what others found first. Finding something first than others it just makes us responsable on feeding those in the “search”. Perfect expression? grammar? citizenship? hahahahaha. If Noah got the chance to ask for a Passport back there, trust me that WE would never know the beauty of what survive. And I love Elephants without passports, and I ‘m learning to be patient with people, even with my peers, really. Any kind of alienation that squeeze the veins on your neighbors? Just call it LIKE THIS:


 What’s there under your skin then? Are you in the search? Have you found? Can you share? Tell me. If you dare….

 The Image represents The Laminin wich is a glicoprotein located in the celular base.

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